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Dress Well: What Your Wardrobe is Lacking

Guys, let’s face it. While people do love to say that they don’t judge others based on appearances, to some extent, they actually do. And wearing awesome outfits and rocking clean looks is sure to leave a good impression on everyone you meet.

There’s just one problem when it comes to men’s fashion and styling. We often fall flat and are at a loss because we just don’t talk about it as often as women do. And unless you’ve been brought up to know the significance of looking your best, chances are your wardrobe is lacking.

So, just as you would install a vinyl car wrap to keep your ride looking clean. Let’s take a deep dive into the essentials your wardrobe needs.

Get a Well-Tailored Suit

Men often overlook the importance of investing in a good suit; the majority of guys just tend to choose which one they feel looks best. And while to some that may work out for them, if you’re looking to upgrade your wardrobe, then good isn’t enough.

Picking out a good suit is just the first step of a two-part process, and what makes a suit genuinely perfect for you is when you get it tailored to your fit. That’s right; any suit is capable of granting you dashing looks, as long as you get adjusted to fit your perfectly.

So, what you want to do after getting your suit off the rack is either one of two things:

  • Alteration: Many stores offer their own alteration stations, and while it does come at a premium, it will be well worth it in the long run. Let them take your measurements, see what fits right and feels good, and have your new suit altered to your stature.
  • Get in touch with your tailor: If you know any professional tailor that can help you out, then much better. Get an appointment to have your measurements taken and let them do the magic of making you a custom fit well-tailored suit.

Explore Different Colors

Sure, there’s nothing wrong with staying in your comfort zone, but when it comes to style, you shouldn’t limit yourself to so little colors. Especially with us guys, we are often guilty of sticking to darker shades. With our wardrobes looking like a mix of only blacks, grays, and blues.

More colors give you more options, ultimately letting you rock different styles and looks instead of just wearing the same fit over and over again. Plus, going with more colors nets you the opportunity of being more expressive and creative, key attributes of becoming a head-turner.

Just remember not to overdo it, because there lies a thin line between looking good and an outfit that’s too much. Less is more, so don’t go trying to look like a rainbow, but do mix in some vibrancy.

Always Accessorize

Do you know what sets two identical outfits apart? The answer is the accessories.

One dude could be rocking the same plain white Henley, medium wash jeans, and sneakers. But, if you mix in some accessories, your outfits will look drastically more different.

Think of it as adding some spices to your recipe, this creates an entirely new flavor, making you look much more tasty and sexy. In return, your outfit is bound to stand out more and make you look much better than the other guy. So, always accessorize and experiment with your fits because these give your looks more versatility.

  • Bracelets: From solid metal bracelets to chain bracelets, and even beaded bracelets, these accessories are the perfect enhancement to any casual or semi-formal outfit.
  • Necklaces: Necklaces are just great all-rounders when it comes to accessories, and often match any outfit. Do remember to pair it with a fit that shows it off.
  • Rings: Before, the only rings that would adorn men’s fingers were wedding rings, but times have changed. And now fashion rings are increasingly popular.
  • Watches: You can never go wrong with a good watch. In fact, most men would call it an essential part of their style.

Don’t Stick to One Style

Last but not least, don’t be afraid to experiment and try out different styles that you could pull off. Fashion isn’t about finding one style you find comfortable and sticking with it forever. It’s about trying new things, testing out what looks good on you, and dressing best according to the occasion.

You wouldn’t wear a full-on suit to watch a game with your buddies, right? And the same goes for going out to the beach; business casual isn’t really optimal for swimming. So, break out of your fashion shell and try on some new clothes and see what you like.

Be Yourself

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Remember, these are all but tips that you can implement to upgrade your wardrobe, fashion sense, and style. But, never do it at the expense of wearing something you don’t like and make you feel weird. Choose something that best represents you and always be yourself.

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