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Vest Types That Will Complete Your Fashion Style

Looks speak your personality, and the way you dress up creates an image. It is not easy to make a good impression, but it is part of how people establish a relationship with other members of the community. That said, it matters that you know your options in fashion to pull off the image that resonates with your identity.

One clothing can help you establish that impression. From formal vest to functional ones such as an Arcteryx skiing vest that is perfect during winter, the variety of this particular clothing can serve several purposes to present yourself properly.

Here are some of the types of vests that you should consider including in your wardrobe:

knitted sweaters

  • Woven or Knitted Vest. This is a popular choice when one needs a comfortable vest since it is made of wool of other cozy material. It is also one of the classic styles that provide a stylish and simple look. This vest began as a part of a uniform and commonly referred to as ‘grandpa’s clothes.’ However, as people realized how comfortable this vest is, they began using it on top of shirts for a stylish and cozy casual attire.
  • Puffer Vest. This vest is your best option for insulation and cold temperature. Whether you intend to climb a higher altitude where you need to bundle up, to ski your way down a snowy hill, or simply to stay warm during chilly weather, a puffer vest will keep you comfortable. It helps keep your heat inside the vest to keep you warm during cold weather. You may consider having this for travel to low-temperature regions.
  • Dress Vest. A dress vest is a part of three-piece formal wear. It is also known as a suit vest. Since vests are generally informal, a formal vest is a common outfit for business meetings and those of office-going men. It can be worn with a set or separately with a button-down shirt.
  • Fleece Vest. Cool and calm weather is best experienced outdoors. This is when you can wear your favorite fleece vest. It is an alternative to puffer vest if you don’t need to deal with extreme temperatures. Its fashionable style with khaki pants and long-sleeved check shirt can go a long way. It has become a staple in a man’s wardrobe because of various designs and styles available.
  • Travel Vest. This the perfect vest when you want to travel with ease without worrying about possible theft while enjoying your time abroad. A travel vest has enough pockets inside to keep your essential travel documents, money, IDs, and passport. This allows you to move around without the stress of losing your valuables. Aside from the pockets, travel vests can also provide the comfort you need since its materials are created to withstand both tough and easy travel conditions.

There are more types of vests that you might need to include in your wardrobe depending on your needs. There are denim vests, quilted vests, hooded vests, sweater vests, outdoor fishing vests, motorcycle vests, and even fashionable military vests. Whatever your needs are, you can surely find a vest that suits you best.

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