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Why More Men Should Start Embracing a More Sustainable Lifestyle

Many consumers are now into sustainability. From the way we buy the things we need to how we live our lives at home, we try to incorporate sustainability in our everyday lives. But according to studies, men are less likely to embrace sustainability than women.

Experts say men shun sustainability because many perceive sustainability to be unmanly. They think that green consumers are generally more for the feminine population. But in reality, this is not the case.

Sustainability knows no gender. This is since it is one of everyone’s social responsibilities. Embracing sustainable practices is one good way to exercise our role in reducing our harmful impact on the environment.

Another reason for more people to embrace sustainability is that many women think eco-friendly men are more attractive. Looks and personality are no longer the two sole indicators of a good mate. These days, more eco-conscious consumers are also after people who share the same values and love for the planet.

The good news is, there are ways men can live a more sustainable lifestyle. It may take some adjustment to fully enjoy living a sustainable life. But it is never too late to make the sustainable switch.

Say Goodbye to Fast Fashion

More men these days care more about how they style themselves. While more women admittedly shop more often than men, we cannot deny that even men are into fast fashion. Since the production of fast fashion produces a considerable amount of wastes and depletes lots of non-renewable sources, this is never good for the environment.

Embracing sustainability does not necessarily mean you should goodbye to looking and feeling good. It only means being more mindful of how you buy your clothes, what brands you choose, and how you dispose of old fashion items. It is about thinking more of every decision you make can make lesser of an impact on the environment.

For instance, shopping for second-hand clothes and shoes is better than buying fast fashion. You get to enjoy vintage pieces at a fraction of a cost and give life to old clothes and fashion products in thrift stores. You can mix and match items, craft your own unique style, and even avoid dressing up like everyone else.

When planning for your wedding, you and your partner have the option to wear second-hand. You can also get a designer wedding gown or dress and a tux from a local and sustainable brand. Remember that how you dispose of your clothes also matters.

As for getting rid of old clothes, shoes, and accessories, we need to be rethink before tossing these in the garbage can. Find other uses for your old items. If you are unable to recycle these, choose to sell or donate instead.

Incorporate Sustainable Practices in Everyday Life

Men may have simpler lifestyles than women. But that does not mean they are already practicing sustainable habits from the start. The more we think about how our daily habits can impact the environment, the easier it will be for us to embrace habits that are easier on the environment.

For one, we can skip gym memberships in exchange for workouts that can be done at home and outdoors. Instead of running in electric treadmills, we can choose to go for regular walks and runs at the park. If going to the gym is your preferred choice, it helps to go to gyms that underwent eco-friendly makeovers.

When shopping at the supermarket, it helps to avoid products that are not organic. Choose goods that have a more eco-friendly packaging and are from brands that already made the sustainable choice. Even bringing your own reusable bag and containers helps in reducing your plastic wastes.

Investing in newer appliances can be an eco-friendlier choice. The more energy-efficient the appliances are, the lesser amount of energy is needed to power these appliances. We should remember that disposing of the old ones the right way should be an extension of our efforts.

Support Businesses that Are Embracing Sustainability

More brands are exercising their corporate social responsibility by turning to sustainable business practices. They are doing more than just switching to eco-friendly ways to marketing their products and packaging orders. They are also extending their efforts by finding sustainable partners, locally sourcing their materials, and investing in renewable energy.

You can start by working for a company that is already offering remote job opportunities. They make use of technology to offer jobs to people while reducing the environmental impact of their offices. You get to provide for your family while working from home or virtually anywhere while supporting a sustainable brand.

You can also support nonprofits and charity organizations fighting for sustainability. Volunteering will look great in your resume, boost your connections, and even allow you to learn many skills in the process. You get to use your platform of choice in spreading the benefits of sustainability and use this opportunity to gain new friends from all around the world.

In a nutshell, sustainability makes sense no matter what your age or gender is. The more people embracing sustainability, the better it is for the environment. It is time we stop labeling such efforts as masculine or feminine because sustainability is gender-neutral.

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