Getting Over Heartbreak with Self-love

The story has been repeated a billion times. Boy meets girl, and girl meets boy. They both swipe right and fall in love. But just like every good story, it doesn’t end with a happily ever after.

So imagine this: you invest time, money, and effort on a person that didn’t stay for the long run. You’re devastated, and you could use a lot of help to get back up. The thing about breakups is that they’re highly emotional.

So many people go through depression after a relationship ends. They suffer from persisting feelings of sadness, hopelessness, worthlessness, and guilt. They often second-guess every decision. Was it right to let the person go? Should they have tried harder to keep the relationship?

But the thing is, it takes two to tango. One party can’t take all the blame for a failed relationship. But more often than not, there’s one party who gets hurt more than the other. Is this party you?

Unlike women, men don’t get openly emotional. They prefer to sweep their feelings under the rug. So after a breakup, they won’t see them sad or particularly devastated. They are likely to head out, party, get a new hobby, and focus on work. They look like they have it all together.

It starts unraveling with time, though. With time, they begin to notice the minor changes. For example, their former partner doesn’t text as much anymore. If they do, they’ve turned cold. Human as they are, men do miss their former partners eventually. So it may take time, but they get the breakup blues. If this is you, here are some self-care and self-love tips that will help you overcome this difficult time.

Step 1: Image Makeover

We often have to do a lot of overhauling after a breakup because we want to take back control over our well-being. So we think an image makeover is going to change everything. Well, it can’t, but it’s a great start. So here’s the first thing you need to do: go to a hair salon and change your life—starting with your hair.

Cutting your hair and changing hairstyles are two of the most tangible things you can do to retrieve the power over your being. It’s simple because you can easily trust an expert to do their magic on your head, and it’s easy too. People don’t always know that this is hugely empowering because you are dictating something, even if it’s just how you look like. You have a lot of options to try, too. You can go for that unusual hairstyle you’ve been holding back on. You can also go to that nearby hair salon offering natural treatments along with styling services.

Step 2: Revamp Your Wardrobe


Do you have too many graphic T-shirts? Can your hoodies build a mountain? Seriously, why do you keep buying the same thing?

That’s it. You have to let your old ways go, and that means switching up your wardrobe. Buy something out of your comfort zone. It could be a different style or a different color. The important thing is you break through what makes you “comfortable.” Besides, nothing good ever came out by staying in your safe zone.

Stepping out of your bubble can be as simple as buying a white shirt and some pants. You don’t even have to get rid of everything in your closet. You have to switch up to a certain extent, enough to give you control over yourself. That’s how you take the initiative.

Step 3: Healthy Diet and Exercise

Your partner leaving you is not a license to let go of yourself. You might not change how you feel about what happened, but eating a healthy diet and keeping an exercise routine are essential to make your body stronger and fitter.

Every grown man must come to terms with a breakup at some point. While you’re at it, you might as well lose a couple of pounds and get a bit ripped. It’s not so that you can look better. Studies have shown that eating and exercising can help you boost your mental health.

Step 4: A Change of Lifestyle

All of the previous steps lead to a change of lifestyle. If you follow through, you’ll start to look different and feel different. You might be totally over your ex, but you’re definitely over being miserable.

That’s the thing about moving on. It takes time, and it doesn’t usually look like you imagined. Once you’ve taken care of your body, taking care of your mind becomes more manageable and vice versa. This is the part where you become kind to yourself.

Kindness has never made anyone less of a man. On the other hand, toxic masculinity tends to mask itself with shallow confidence and assertiveness. It’s time to slow down, take slow breaths, and reflect. This is the part where you watch and observe how far you’ve come from the breaking point to moving on.

It’s just a few simple steps: get a haircut, revamp your wardrobe, be healthy, and change your lifestyle. It’s not a product, and it’s a process. It’s a journey that’s going to change you for life.

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