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Enjoying National Parks in Unusual Ways

America’s many national parks are some of the most beautiful parts of the country. Best of all, they are publicly accessible and are spread all over the country. But a lot of people come to visit the parks and then become disappointed with the throngs of tourists who flock there. For some people, finding unconventional ways to experience the raw beauty of the national parks is what is most important. Here are some suggestions on how to travel for these people:

Camp out at a designated tent site

While some parts of the national parks do not allow tourists to set up camp, venture off into a less touristy part, and you are likely to find designated tent sites. These are free and are preferred by hikers and people on the trail. You can run into others like yourself and even make some trail friends if you are lucky. But make sure that you properly research the rules of the national park. In some areas, certain activities such as building a campfire or pitching tents into the ground may be forbidden. Always be aware of risks such as bears and follow proper safety precautions. Plan in advance as some popular parks such as Yellowstone are crowded everywhere.

Take an ATV tour

Some national parks will have highly sensitive landscape, where you may not be allowed to even walk on the vegetation or touch the rocks. But if you are at a park like Zion National Park in Utah, an ATV tour may be an exciting opportunity for you to explore the rugged beauty of the landscape. Make sure to read up and book in advance, and bring important documents that may be necessary, such as driving licenses.

beautiful waterfalls and trees

Take a boat

Not all national parks are about hiking. Sometimes, you can even take a boat and sail up. This is possible in the many beautiful national parks in Alaska or the mangroves of the Everglades, which can be impenetrable without a canoe. This is a perfect way to explore the parks if you have mobility issues or prefer to take it easy.

Go on a guided wildlife tour

Some people visit the national parks for the astounding landscape, while for others, the main draw is in the unique wildlife that you can find in these parts. You won’t always run into wildlife if you go with a crowd of tourists. A wildlife tour may be the right idea for you if you truly want to enjoy the wilderness. You’ll find various tours that cater to your interests. You can go on birding, insect, or butterfly tours. The Internet is going to be your biggest resource in finding these.

There are so many ways to explore this enormous country and the many wild sides it has to offer. You can go rock climbing, hang gliding, or scuba diving, if you are more inclined toward sporty activities. You can also visit in the off-season, when it is less crowded and much more peaceful.

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