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5 Essential Skills Every Modern Man Should Have

Primitive men were supposed to have the skills of weaponry and hunting. However, the new age man needs to do much more than that without the above two attributes. A man is still considered to be a pro-creator and a protector. Thus, if you are a man reading this, you know probably what’s expected of you. You may well be considered a breadwinner, even today.

Men need both hard skills and soft skills. You miss out on one, and you would be addressed as rude, useless, or sarcastic. That must be true? Here we present a list of skills that every man today must possess.

Play the Role of a Handyman

Whether you own a house or stay at a hostel, you will be expected to play this role. You should know how to fix things in and around the house. If you are married, you might have already served this function a million times by now. Some common things you might have been doing till now are drilling a hole in the wall, fixing curtain rods, or cleaning the gutters. These are just three examples out of the numerous jobs you must have performed by now. Toolkits are readily available today. Thus, you must have one with you. You can even ask your better half to gift you one. Having this skill is dual-purpose; you save on time and money.

Judgment in Assets

Most men are relied on to check out homes and land to get the best deals possible and make appropriate investments. Women will seldom take chances to make any final decision on these. If anything goes wrong, you will be held responsible, too. Even if you are not a law graduate, you will be tugged to see apartments and houses for your friends, too. Your friends will not spare you either and expect your sound judgment. Therefore, you ought to brush up on your skills in real estate, as well. Try visiting one or two such legal sites, out of curiosity, if not anything else. The internet is a storehouse of information. Hence, you can visit one of the government sites on such matters and read through. The next time someone even mentions it over the phone, you can rush to help.

Learn to Cook

Hostel life has taught many men what cooking a great meal is all about. You need not be Michelin Star Chef. However, you should be able to make some sandwiches and cook some pasta during an emergency. A man is expected to cook for his girlfriend, parents, and spouse at some point or the other to show care and love. If you have no idea what cooking is all about, buy a cookbook. Go through some 4-ingredient recipes, and you might get some appreciation soon. Standing in the current era, men and women are supposed to stand on an equal pedestal. So let’s start with cooking. They say that the way to a man’s heart is through the stomach.  It could be the other way, too, with a role reversal.

Set a Campsite

If you want to boast about being a man, you ought to be able to set up a campsite. The first thing you should be able to do is to open a tent from its package and set it. Most manuals are of no use, as the information is insufficient. Only practical experience can help you. Moreover, there could be several missing nails and bolts in the package. Thus, you have to manage that as well, lest the tent flies away. Apart from setting a tent, there is more work to do, such as lighting the fire. So you either have to carry the twigs or wood in your hatchback or collect them from the forest. Either way, your spouse and children or parents will be waiting for you at the clearing with anxious looks. Quite a few channels are showcasing this, so watch those.

Change Diapers

If you are a dad, then you have to do this as well. That is one reason why most MNCs are giving paternity offs to new fathers. Even if you are not a dad, you will be expected to lend a hand in this for a nephew or niece. Therefore, it is better to study a bit about them as soon as a new baby arrives. It will save you the embarrassment later. Most men tend to avoid these tasks. But if you are stuck and have no way out. Then what? Do go through the package once. It has all the instructions listed out. Additionally, you can also watch some YouTube videos to get familiar with the task.

These are a few of the skills that men should possess. If you don’t already, do ensure to learn some of these and more. You never know when they come in handy.

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