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Essentials Every Bachelor Pad Should Have

Living independently is one of the many goals most millennials have. Aside from being financially free from the burdens of supporting your parents or other family members, it is the biggest step one takes to consider and call themselves an adult officially. It is remarked in many cultures and customs that it is typically traditional and expected that the emancipated adult moves out of their nuclear home by the time they graduate from further studies. Some families require their sons and daughters who turned 18 years of age to move out immediately.

Many factors can bring about the decision to move out. The home environment can be one of them. Conflicts brought about by your family, whether it may be a light problem or a heavy one, can trigger the motivation to move out even at the earliest instance. A fraction of millennials delay moving out due to the debts brought about by their student loans. Nonetheless, moving out eventually is inevitable.

Moving out alone to your own place can be difficult. You will be lucky if you are moving out to your own dormitory housing to attend housing. However, even those moving in with a roommate will have a heavy adjustment period. For young men, the dream is to own a bachelor pad where you can bring in and entertain your friends, both men and ladies, at any time. Ideally, it should be a house or an apartment that houses the basic needs of where a good host resides. The primary characteristics of any home are that it must be livable, accessible, and clean.

However, a bachelor’s pad is entirely different from a typical apartment. What are the essential must-haves of a bachelor pad? What objects transform a simple home into a rad bachelor pad?

The Entertainment Center

At the heart of every bachelor pad is a well-equipped entertainment center. The entertainment center is what defines a bachelor pad. The television or personal computer screen is where the entire room’s furniture is pointed at. Almost all young men divulge in a hobby or interest that involves a large screen. Pairing up your 50+ inch TV with a banging audio surround sound system will allow you to experience almost first hand whatever it is that you are watching.

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The Kitchen

Almost everyone cannot afford to have takeout for food every day. An independent person living in a bachelor pad must at least know how to feed himself. A bachelor’s kitchen must be equipped with the necessary tools and appliances that will allow him to cook proper meals for himself and his prospective guests. Tools like knives, can and bottle openers, pot holders, a chopping board, and others are basics that all kitchens need. Appliances such as a stovetop burner, a microwave, and a blender are primary machines a well-equipped kitchen needs.

You do not have to splurge on expensive ovens. All homes need at least a couple of sets of plates, bowls, and utensils, even if living alone. You must remember that there is always a big chance you will be inviting people over to your house. Impress them by having enough. Impress them further by using environmentally friendly bamboo utensils to remind them how environmentally conscious you are.

The Dining Table

Your dining table must at least have space for four people. Dining tables are areas where you will spend most of the time talking with your friends. You cannot just let them eat in your sofa or living room area (where you usually might eat alone). Having a suitable dining table for yourself and your guests is an absolute necessary convenience that you will undoubtedly enjoy, especially during social occasions.

The Bedroom

The bedroom will always be your temple. It is where you are laid most bare and vulnerable. While not everyone will be allowed in your bedroom, making sure your bedroom is neat, tidy, and ready is an essential aspect of your bachelor pad. At the very least, your bedroom must not be bare. Having at least two sets of linens and two sets of comforters will ensure that the bedroom is ready for relaxation and recreation. Keep things private by installing appropriate mood lights to assist the feel of your room. Removing any gadget inside your bedroom will ensure that you will always get a good night’s sleep.

Having a bachelor pad is not always like in the movies. Maintaining one takes a lot of discipline. Above all else, you must keep the bachelor pad as to how you would maintain your body – clean, neat, and tidy.

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