Major Home Renovations That Men Can Do on Their Own

Is it boredom or stress? A lot of men decided that it was time to do some major renovations in their homes during the time of COVID-19. It’s funny because most of them never thought to do anything for their homes during the pre-pandemic months. But now that they were sheltering in place, they focused their attention on some do-it-yourself projects that would benefit the whole family. Really, who are we to judge when everyone practically did something in the house—growing plants, repainting walls, and rearranging furniture—to survive what the pandemic has put us through?

Roof Reinforcements

The government declared the lockdown measures between March to April with some territories closing their borders in late March. This meant that for much of fall and even up to spring, people stayed in their homes. This is actually the best time to do some roof reinforcements on your homes. If you want to make sure your homes are protected during the cold winter season, you could do major repairs from March until June.

With climate change as a hovering problem, it’s worth looking at using steel fabrication service to make the roof of your home more durable. It will be able to withstand heavy rainfall and harsh winds. Steel is one of the most durable materials you can use for your home. Consider stabilising your home’s structure with this material.

Mini Bathroom Makeover

Have you realised just how important your bathroom is when you have all the time in the world to lounge in the tub? How about do a mini bathroom makeover? It wouldn’t cost more than $500 if you only have to swap the counter for a granite countertop. Change the sink and faucet, too, for a more cohesive look. If you do not want to change the bathroom tiles, new technology now allows you to paint over the old ones.

bath room renovation

Accent Walls

A room needs an accent wall because it provides that extra oomph. Rooms tend to be boring when their walls are slathered with the same colour. Choose the main wall and paint it with a different and more striking colour. You can also put wallpaper on it so you can change it every year or so depending on your mood. The accent wall is the biggest wall in the room. It’s also that part of the bedroom where your bed is pushed against. In the living room, the accent wall is the one behind your television.


This is the heart of a home. You spend time in here as much as in any other room in your house. Why shouldn’t you spend on beautifying it? Have you always wanted a kitchen island? Perhaps, you want a more organised kitchen? This is the best time to install new cabinets and kitchen rollouts. Focus on organising your kitchen space you can cook your family meals in peace.


The pandemic showed you that things will be different in the next couple of years. Although the news about a vaccine is a welcome development, social distancing will still be the norm. A nice backyard with a gazebo and a deck will be a place where to gather your friends and family. If you have more space, an above-the-ground pool is also another feature you can consider. Your kids will love that idea.

There’s never a dull moment in the house if you decide to do some do-it-yourself projects. Aside from making yourself forget about the pandemic for a time, renovations will also add value to your home. When deciding what to renovate in your home, put value and function on top of your list.

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