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The New Normal: Fashion Trends For Men

Most people think that men do not care about fashion. While that I half true, there is still a huge market out there for men who care about their appearances and what they wear, even if they’re only going out to the grocery store or visit their relatives in an elderly home.

So, if you’re into fashion, whether it’s about feeling confident or wanting to feel comfortable, it might be worth your time to check out the latest trends in men’s fashion.

The New Normal Fashion For Men

While some men don’t really have that much idea about fashion or what’s new, they still want to look presentable, especially on special occasions. Here are some trends that might interest you and awaken the fashionista in you:

  1. Work from home look

The pandemic has reshaped most aspects of everyone’s lifestyles, and their livelihoods and fashion were not an exception. Since remote working became a huge thing for businesses to keep their operations going, many people had to adapt by just wearing whatever they like when working at home. But of course, there are Zoom meetings that everyone must be present and presentable for, hence the work from home fashion that most men adapted.

The WFH look prioritizes comfort over style, of course, as Zoom meetings would mainly require people to show their upper bodies. So, it’s been common for men to be wearing their favorite shirts with some shorts. Most of the time, these clothes are loose to feel comfortable.

  1. Hoodies and caps

wearing hoodies

Since restrictions have caused some businesses to shut down and people to stay home, keeping a clean cut for men wasn’t a priority. Because of this, it became common for many men to sport longer, messy hairstyles – if you can call it a style. So, when going out to get some necessary items like food and toiletries, most men just put on the most basic outfit they can find that would allow them to cover their messy hair. Hence, the rise of the hoodies and caps, which were nothing new, to be honest — the trend just became popular again.

  1. Oversized tops and bottoms

Most men prioritize feeling comfortable than fashionable, but if they can have both, it will be more suitable for many, which is why oversized clothes with cool prints have become trendier for men in recent months. Oversized garments, especially for jackets and coats, would allow men to feel more comfortable with whatever they wear underneath.

  1. Fleece jackets

During the colder seasons of the year, it will only be natural to see more jackets in stores again — specifically, fleece outerwear, as this jacket gives maximum comfort and style. Whether you wear fleece jackets as a loose or fit top, they will look stylish without losing any comfort.

  1. Pinstripes suit

If the company you’re working for has already resumed in-person operations, then it would be the perfect time to suit up for business casual days. When choosing what kind of suit would look best, you can’t go wrong with pinstripes. It is a classic fashion look for men.

  1. Plaid and checkered pattern

man wearing plaid

Well, checkered and plaid never went out of style, especially for men who sport the lumberjack look. These patterns are perfect for button-down shirts, which can be worn individually or as outerwear to a plain or minimally-printed shirt. Grow some beard, and you’ll definitely take on the lumberjack hipster look.

  1. Floral pattern

Here is another pattern that became a masculine favorite in the last few years, and it’s showing no sign of ever going out of fashion. Floral patterns used to be seen as feminine, but it has evolved into something more gender-neutral. So, if you have some floral shirts from your father, it would be the perfect time to wear them.

  1. Outdoor high fashion

Who said you couldn’t be fashionable when you’re going on a hike in the mountains? No one ever. So, get your gorpcore fashion senses on and wear your best outdoor meets fashion runway look.

  1. Striped shirt

If the pinstripes pattern is here in this list, you shouldn’t be surprised that stripes are making a comeback in the latest trends. Besides making you look sleek, stripes can also make you look taller, leaner, and fitter. Many men love looking like that, after all.

Stay Fashionable Despite The New Normal

It’s not tone-deaf to want to look good even if there is a pandemic happening. If it makes you feel good to look good, then, by all means, dress up. You do you.

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