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Four Ways You Can Lengthen Your Car’s Life

Just bought a brand-new sedan or truck? You’re probably wondering what to do to preserve it in its best condition. While you can’t always have that new car smell, you can extend your car’s life with proper maintenance. Here are four tips for making sure that your vehicle stays in its tip-top shape:

Avoid Bumpy Roads

Whatever kind of material your driveway uses, you must have concrete or asphalt cracks repaired immediately. Don’t wait until it’s too late to fix it. Make sure that it’s in good shape before the start of winter or the rainy season. Inclement weather can cause water to seep into the foundations and affect the integrity of your property.

Of course, rough terrain can also have an impact on your car’s condition. Potholes and rocky roads can puncture your tires and damage your wheels. If you have no control over the damaged road, you can minimize the damage by driving around it or slowing down.

Read the Manual

You can subscribe to many forums, but following the manual remains the best way to know how to care for your car. It might not sound like a particularly exciting read, but it can save you so much money in the long run. It’s especially important for first-time car owners because it teaches the basics.

You can learn how to retain the color and care for the upholstery. It also tells you the mileage intervals and the right type of filters for oil changes. Besides the maintenance, it also includes information on what your warranty covers. You can avoid buying an auto service contract or paying a mechanic since some services may already be included in the manufacturer’s warranty.

Start Slow

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Treat your vehicle right, especially when you’re breaking it in. Whether it’s your first-ever car or your third, it can take time to get accustomed to its quirks and features. Travel to places you’re most familiar with before going on long trips.

During its first miles, try to vary your speed without going over 75 miles per hour. By doing so, you’re letting the piston rings get the right seal against the cylinder walls of the engine. Basically, if you drive your car with care during the break-in period, it won’t consume more oil than it needs. It can also lengthen the life of your vehicle’s engine.

Get a Good Insurance Provider

All states require either car insurance or some kind of proof that you can pay for any potential damage caused by your car. Check out all your options and don’t just take the first choice you see. Make sure to compare the coverage provided by different companies. Ask your friends and family for recommendations. You should also read reviews online. Some companies may be more sympathetic than others.

There may be factors such as weather and other drivers that can affect the condition of your car. But there are several aspects that you can control to maximize its life. Don’t let small problems become big and fix them up before they damage your vehicle.

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