Factory Fresh: How to Make Your Car Look New Again

It’s easy to get tired and fall out of love with a car you’ve had for years. Most times, it’s not a problem with the way it runs, but just the way it looks. If your car still works well, you won’t need to spend your hard-earned cash on buying another one. Here’s how you can restore your car to its former glory and make it look fresh out of the factory:

Spruce up your wheels

Wheels receive a lot of wear and tear from constant travel. Shabby, worn-out wheels can make your car show its age, so it’s helpful to invest in a set of high-quality wheels that will give you both a better look and a better drive. High-performance wheels can go for almost $400 to $1500, and that’s without labor.

It’s a worthy investment if you’ve got the cash to spare. However, if you’re on a tight budget, simply refurbishing your rims can get the job done. After a good sanding and painting, you can have your rims powder-coated to shield it and ensure its durability over time. There are tons of premium powder coating services in Utah, so you should have no problem getting it done.

Fix up dents and scratches

Repairing deep scratches can prevent any future damage to the exterior of your car, as well as rust. You can have this done professionally or you can try various at-home methods. Scratch repair pens can fix any superficial scratches that happen on the top layer of the car’s protective coating.

Repaint your car’s exterior

No one would blame you for not wanting to drive a car with an exterior that’s scratched up, peeling, and fading. While you might not be able to repair holes, dents, or scratches, a fresh new paint job can still make it look like you actually purchased a new car. Park your car indoors overnight or for as long as possible after painting so that it spends less time exposed to the elements. Besides having it washed, make sure to have your car waxed regularly, as well. This can protect its exteriors from debris, dust, and any other objects that may cause blemishes.

Clean the interiors

Car interior

Your car won’t truly feel brand new if you don’t clean out its interiors. A thorough yearly deep cleaning and detailing session is ideal, but even just taking out the trash after every use or dusting it at least twice a month can already do wonders. If you have items that you regularly keep inside your car, make sure you keep it tidy and organized with simple storage solutions like Ziploc bags or small baskets. For more intense cleaning you can still do yourself, take a vacuum and suck up any dust and dirt found on your seats, floor mats, and floors.

Replace your windshield wipers

A good set of windshield wipers is important if you live in an area with problematic weather. Cleaning your blades with a soft microfiber cloth at least once a week will help keep it in shape. However, since the rubber on your windshield wipers is designed to wear out easily, you should also have it replaced every couple of months. A treatment like Rain-X can also keep them in good working condition.

Rather than buy a new car, you should consider saving your hard-earned cash by breathing new life into your trusty old ride.

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