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Getting Hitched? How to Address Wedding Planning Anxiety

Do you have plans to tie the knot soon? You deserve a big congratulations! Now that you made a significant decision, it is time to prep your wedding.

But did you know that unlike other events, weddings are one of the most stressful occasions to plan? It does not even matter if you plan on a grand wedding or an intimate get-together. Planning a wedding can be stressful and can trigger anxiety.

Wedding planning anxiety is a serious matter. It can have many triggers like budget restrictions, cultural traditions, and opposing wants. What can you do to manage anxiety felt when you’re planning your nuptials?

Accept that feeling stressed and anxious is normal.

Many things can trigger anxiety and cause your stress levels to skyrocket. Know that such feelings are normal. Almost everyone who got married and is planning their wedding will feel anxious and stressed out even on the littlest of things. The good news is, you can try different coping mechanisms to deal with anxiety. But if you feel like you can no longer control your anxiety, then know there is no shame for asking for professional help.

Plan the event ahead of time.

wedding planningThere is a reason that many would advise you to plan your wedding the soonest time possible. Talking to vendors and securing your reservations ahead of time can help lessen your anxiety for the big day. Knowing you have more time to scout for the best wedding reception venues in Salt Lake City, find the perfect gown for you and a tux for your groom, and choose your guests will give you that peace of mind. Make sure to create a list of all your wedding must-haves and take time to tackle each one. Choose your vendor wisely and always have a backup plan or two for each to avoid any setbacks.

Set and stick to a realistic wedding budget.

Many couples are having a hard time sticking to a wedding budget. That is where most wedding anxiety issues arise. While there is no rule saying weddings have to expensive, not everyone would want a cheap wedding. Take a closer look at you and your partner’s finances and determine a wedding budget you can afford. As much as possible, avoid draining your savings or taking out a loan to pay for a grand wedding. You may enjoy your wedding day and wow your guests, but you may end up having a big debt as a couple after the big day.

Avoid comparing your wedding against another.

This factor can be a hard thing to do since the Internet is bombarded with magical wedding photos. Your loved ones may also tell you to change your mind and do things differently as they saw a better wedding idea from another event. Know that it is your wedding, and it is the only thing you need to focus on. If you can’t help but compare how grand your cousin’s wedding was or how a celebrity’s wedding ring is bigger than yours, you will find it hard to tame your anxiety. That can also cause issues between you and your partner, so it’s best not to compare yours with anyone else’s wedding.

Aside from these pointers, remember that the marriage is about you and your soon-to-be-spouse. If you are feeling stressed out, know that your partner can help you out. You can also lean on your loved ones or a professional if things are getting out of hand. Don’t let your anxiety ruin your wedding day. You can make your wedding planning less stressful and even fun, only if you give yourself a break.

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