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Want to Start a Hobby? These Activities are Fun and Can Help You Earn Money

Hobbies are a productive and healthy way to spend your free time. After a day of hard and stressful work, you come home to de-stress, the best way to do it is to engage in a hobby.

Several studies have proven that having time for leisurely activities has a positive impact on your well-being. Back in 2010, researchers published the results of four studies that measured the effect of hobbies on a person’s overall health. A total of 1,400 people participated, all of who have various health conditions, including cancer.

They found that those who spent more time on leisurely activities slept better, had lower levels of stress, had more friends, were generally happier, and had overall better health.

Hobbies Versus Pastimes

Hobbies have always been an important part of life. However, at some point, other things took over. Young people, in particular, seem to have lost the motivation to pursue an interest, not for monetary or professional gain, but for fun. Instead, they have pastimes, activities that they do to pass the time.

Hobbies are different from pastimes. It is an activity that people do because they genuinely enjoy it; and therefore, they carve out time to pursue it. It can be playing a sport or playing video games. The feeling of satisfaction or fulfillment it gives is better than scrolling social media or watching whatever is on TV.

A major part of it is technology. With the endless stream of entertainment coming from your smartphone or laptop, boredom has gone extinct and people started to pass the time doing various things.

Work is also a contributor. New generations glorify what they call the “hustle,” or constantly working to build wealth and achieve success.

However, there are hobbies that are not just fun but can earn you money.


Welding is a trade most associated with specific industries, including automotive, construction, manufacturing, and transportation. However, it is also an art form. A few years ago, the legendary singer-songwriter Bob Dylan unveiled his work as a welder: a series of metal gates with intricate shapes and designs.

Welding is a great hobby because you can create anything that you want. It typically uses metal, but others use thermoplastics or wood.

Moreover, you can create things for your own enjoyment or decide to share your talents with the public. You can sell your projects or take commissions, whichever you have the time to do.

You will, however, need some tools. Even as a beginner, you will need different kinds of saw, clamps, and pliers, metal weld marking fluid, personal safety equipment, and, of course, the welder.


There is a lot of money involved in the stock market that it usually is classified as a source of income rather than a hobby. Yet, there are people who do it not just for the money, but for the exhilaration and the challenge it gives.

Being involved in the stock market is not easy. It demands so much of your time. The people who trade stocks had to study the entire process and have to constantly keep an eye on market trends. After all, money is on the line.

It is a very competitive activity and it can be very lucrative if you master it.

Streaming Video Games

man playing video games

Playing video games is no longer a solitary hobby. The industry has branched out, and it has created more products for people who are interested in video games to consume.

One of these is streaming.

Playing video games is fun. It is not just a pastime, but something that people do to explore fictional worlds, interact and compete with other players, and be challenged. It is a great hobby on its own.

If you play a lot, why not stream it on Twitch? People who do are now millionaires. According to one publication, a successful streamer can earn around $3,000 to $5,000 per month. More when you actually gain a huge following.

Felix Lengyel, one of the biggest streamers on Twitch, earned $1.98 million in 2020 through streaming. He now has over 5.7 million followers on the platform and each video gains up to millions of views. And, all he does is stream himself playing video games

Hobbies do not have to make a lot of money. It should be an activity that you enjoy doing, not because it will make you wealthy, but because it challenges you or it entertains you. However, if you want to one day earn a bit of money on the side while doing something that gives you joy, these are worth your while.

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