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Masculine-themed Homes: Must-have Ideas for a Modern Bachelor Pad

So you’re a single man living independently and want to own a bachelor pad. When it comes to home living, there’s a thin line between living in a full-blown man cave and a stylish bachelor pad. But for some, the definition of a man’s living space means a room filled with mismatched accessories, old and ratty furniture, brown hues, empty walls, and big television.

While this perception may seem unfair, it is a known fact that interior design has placed too much focus on women. From vanity areas, walking closets to kitchens, women are known to be particular when it comes to their living spaces. They turn to design professionals and construction firms that offer home building projects, such as basement finishing changes, kitchen remodeling, and other home upgrades.

Contrary to popular belief, there’s nothing “feminine” about home decorating. For many years, men have provided worthwhile contributions in the design world, and it shouldn’t stop you from doing the same. The good news is there are plenty of features that will make your bachelor pad different from the rest. You need to know some key elements to transform your man cave into a modern and masculine living space.

Mixing textures

Masculine spaces have a specific emphasis on rough, weathered, or hard surfaces. Natural elements such as unfinished wood and hard stone are often the most popular touches for that masculine and rough-hewn impression.

For the texture, brick walls make an ideal fit that offers a perfect blend of sophisticated colors and texture. They also make a great backdrop for wood accents and greenery. Metallics are still a highly favored texture for contemporary-themed bachelor pads.

Masculine-themed textures such as brick, wood, metallic, and rough stone finishes can be mixed in small portions to emphasize depth and contrast. Incorporate these textures in the accessories, fireplace, lighting fixtures, and large furniture, such as the wine bar or credenza. Mixing textures certainly goes well in masculine kitchens by blending stone, brick, oxidized metal, and metallic finishes.

Neutral colors

Regardless of the room you’re decorating, picking the color scheme is a brilliant start. Obviously, a bachelor pad is nothing like a homey living space filled with bold shades of pink or yellow. Men often opt for moody shades, darker colors, and warm neutrals.

When it comes to masculine-themed interior design, neutral colors are your best bet. Neutral colors vary from navy blue, gray, and blue. These colors go well with trusty materials such as leather, wood, stone, and metal for added texture and depth. Bring these elements together in your living room, and you get a flawless masculine space.

Classic neutral shades such as white and black are an ultimate favorite for any modern-day bachelor pad. Since they tend to lean more on darker tones, it’s important to know how to blend neutral palettes to scatter color blocks. A great example is the combination of warm metallics such as brass and gold.

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Geometric accents

The rise of contemporary architectural accents made it difficult to distinguish a pattern as solely feminine or masculine. To avoid confusion, a great start is to pick a rugged geometric pattern. Keep in mind that a masculine-themed design emphasizes sharp edges and clean lines instead of feminine styles, such as bright shades and gentle curves.

Incorporate large geometric patterns on accessories and textiles to achieve an aesthetic impression all over your space. You can also achieve this by adding rugs with a patterned effect and contrasting color palettes such as black and beige.

If you want something less moody and heavy on naturals, go for diamond patterns and neutral tones. Make sure to consider the size covered by the rug because the scale can affect the room’s visual interest, saving you from adding patterned textiles.

For added creative appeal, add a few geometric-designed furniture pieces. It goes well with ceramic decors, such as pottery, statues, and stoneware. A shelf of books with vintage hardcover and interesting bindings also adds pattern and color to the space.

Art pieces

Art makes an ideal finishing touch to any room, and bachelor pads are no exception. Any art piece can easily add life and energy to a neutral or moody space.

Gallery photo walls with multiple elements are certainly attention-grabbing. This also offers opportunities to add traditional wall elements, such as family photos. For a quieter and reflective feel, use black and white for the images.

When adding art pieces, make sure to connect the art with the surrounding decors. Use the art pieces to resonate with the colors and patterns on the textiles and rugs for added depth and a layered look.

If you’re thinking about filling your home with modern, masculine elements, our suggestions above can get you through the entire decorating process. Remember that designing your own bachelor pad offers a unique opportunity to create a sophisticated atmosphere for a modern single man like you.

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