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How Men Can Develop Their Personal Style

Many guys fall into the trap of thinking that they are naturally sloppy and unfashionable. However, that is not entirely true. Dressing up is a skill, and it takes trial and error before you arrive at a style that truly suits you. You might even think of it is a journey

However, finding the right style can be quite challenging for many. Some men might even feel frustrated and do not see any reason why they should do it. But you need to understand that dressing up helps you create a good impression, which may help you with your career and dating life.

Whether you are a corporate worker or an industrial garbage compactor operator, you deserve to look good. Here’s how you can find your personal style:

Flatter your body

One of the biggest problems that men face when it comes to styling is choosing the right fit of clothes. You need to get items that flatter the shape of your body. This might sound like a simple piece of advice, but this is highly important — it will help you pull off any style you want eventually. Opt for slim fit shirts and taper pants. And if you have the budget, consider going bespoke.

What’s your lifestyle?

To help you define your personal style, you need to define your lifestyle. Are you an investment advisor guy who always works with clients? You might need style items that fall under the category of suits and dinner jackets. If you’re the type of guy who works at an advertising agency, smart casual ensembles will do the trick. Barista? You can easily nail street and laid-back styles, which normally consist of denim and sneakers. The clothes that easily match your work environment will not make you look out of place and boost your confidence.

Seek inspiration

You are a clueless guy who does not know where to start. So why not look things up online? There are a lot of style guides and mood boards that tickle your fancy. Magazines, such as GQ, Esquire, and Hypebeast, always have guides that help men pull off classic and new styles. And if you find what you like, take a screenshot or pin it. Buy similar items, try them on, and have a friend look at it. Your friends’ advice will be helpful.

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Don’t afraid to try things out

As mentioned, finding your personal style is a series of trial and error. So you might as well try what interests you. Want to try pulling off the oversize aesthetics of Yohji Yamamoto? By all means, try it. Is it your first time to dabble into a classic Steve McQueen look, then go!

Relax, they’re just clothes!

At this point, you might be feeling stressed out about what you should wear and try. But you need to calm down. Basically, you can wear whatever you want without feeling the fear of being judged. After all, these are just clothes. If you need more suggestions, you can consult a fashion expert.

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