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How to Choose the Right Exterior Door

When visiting a friend’s or family’s home, what is the first thing you notice? You might say that it is the garden, the trees, or the plants that you first laid your eyes on, but I bet most of you will say that it is the exterior door that has captivated your eyes. Exterior doors add value to any home, and it can improve any property’s overall curb appeal.

Choosing the right entry doors in Salt Lake City can be a bit overwhelming which is why today, we will give some tips on how you can choose your own entry doors for your home.

Choose the Right Material

Look at your home and see what it is mostly made of. If it is made of stone, then you might want to pair it with fiberglass or French doors. If your home is mostly made of wood, then pair it with a wooden exterior door.

Choosing the material based on your home’s theme is important, especially if you want it to look aesthetically pleasing. The material should also be taken into consideration, especially if you are trying to go for different benefits, such as elegance, value, safety, and more.

Know Which Hardware You Want

Your exterior door can come with a number of different hardware, such as doorknobs, doorbells, locks, decorative glass, transoms, sidelights, knockers, handles, and mail slots. Know what you want and need and let the supplier know if you want these added to your door. Door kickers are also important, especially if you have a pet that usually goes in and out of the house.

Know Your Budget

Man keeping his money in a piggy bankOne of the first things you should determine when it comes to buying an exterior front door is your overall budget. You never want to go over budget, as this can cause problems, especially if you are trying to renovate or build the whole house.

First, determine which material you want and see how much it usually costs. Look at a couple of door stores in your neighborhood and do a little bit of window shopping to see which ones offer a reasonable price. Do not settle for the first one that you see, as you can still find great offers with amazing deals.

Choose the Style and Size Wisely

Your door supplier will most likely measure your home’s entryway to make sure that the door that you choose would properly fit, but you should also measure it yourself, especially if you are trying to reserve and buy the door online.

Choosing the style is also important, and you should definitely take your whole home’s aesthetic to make sure that it will match the look of your home. It should also reflect your personality, as well as the whole family’s characteristics.

Always do your research before buying an entry door to make sure that you will be getting the right one. Ask your family and friends for some advice and suggestions so you can choose from a wide array of selection!

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