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How to Deal with Common Skin Problems

Most of the time, skin problems are the province of teens undergoing puberty. The mix of hormones, chemicals, and growth have often resulted in less than perfect skin. However, adults can also experience skin conditions that can be embarrassing, too. The best way to deal with it is knowing what exactly you are facing. Here are some typical adult skin problems:


The bane of teenagers is back. Though associated mainly with teenagers and those in their 20s, acne never does go away. The leading cause of acne is hormones, and flare-ups can happen during pregnancy and at other times. The trouble with adult acne is that it is much more challenging to treat than the teenage version. This is why you will need to go and consult a dermatologist. A dermatologist in Salt Lake City and other urban areas can recommend treatment to help clear it all up. If you leave it untreated, it can leave scars and darker skin.


Usually part of an allergic reaction, hives are nasty red welts that can either sting, itch, or burn. They can make you pretty uncomfortable and typically vary in size. You might suddenly experience these if you ate something you are allergic to or have been exposed to extreme temperature. Infections like strep throat can cause them, too. The only way to treat these is via skin creams and resolving your allergy problems. Antihistamines can calm your body down enough to handle the allergic reaction.

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This is a catch-all term that covers anything that results in an inflammation of your skin. This is most notable in the form of a rash or redness. Some types of dermatitis are caused by coming into contact with a variety of substances while diaper dermatitis is known better as diaper rash and is caused by chafing. This is pretty simple to treat. Just apply a cream to it and wear comfortable clothes, and you can expect to clear it up in no time.

Fungal and Bacterial Infections

Though infections are better known to find purchase in open wounds, some infectious bacteria find themselves thriving on people’s skin. It is just not bacteria but larger fungi that can find a home on the top of your skin. For fungal infections, things like athlete’s foot are very mild and quickly resolved. Just get some fungicide and keep your skin clean.

Bacterial infections are much more difficult. They can be mild to life-threatening depending on the bacteria. They can be mild to very dangerous. The most common form of bacterial infection is boils. They develop from bacterial infections spreading out from a damaged follicle. The result is that you may need to end up draining it of pus to clear it up. Proper skincare will help avoid such infections, especially by washing regularly.

You shouldn’t be ashamed of your skin. There are solutions to many of the given common skin problems, and they are often easy to do. With the right approach, you can be proud of yourself and be able to walk around with no worries at all.

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