How to Enhance Your Shabby Fences

People put fences around their homes or properties for different reasons. Most of the time, it’s for privacy and security. Fences are significant deterrents to pets that want to litter in your yard or from strangers loitering inside your property. They help increase a property’s value as its extension. Fences can also help beautify the yard.

Since fences are always exposed to the elements, they are prone to wear. An unkempt fence can be embarrassing, and if the house is up for sale, it can disenchant potential buyers.

If you think that you need help improving your property’s fence, here are some pointers:

Splash Color

Painting your fence is an easy and effective way to give your fence a new lease in life. However, before you start your fence restoration project, you need to consider the type of color and surface preparations required for it. Check your fence first for any sign of rot or rust.

Any metal fence needs thorough cleaning and rustproofing before painting. Oil-based enamels are ideal because they can add an extra layer of protection against the elements. Alkyd-based primers are recommended for wooden fences, and the surface needs to be cleaned, too.

Acrylic latex-based paints should be used because they allow the wood to “breathe” and protect it from direct sunlight. Just make sure to pick the right color to complement your home’s exterior color.

Privacy Screens

Privacy is one of the main reasons why you’ve set up a fence around your house, and adding extra privacy measures won’t hurt, either. Screen panels are popular choices among designers and homeowners. They’re handy and versatile since they can accentuate different spaces within your property.

Plastic and wood lattices are excellent choices because crawling plants like roses can easily crawl on them. Once they bloom, these roses can protect you from unwanted attention. Bamboo slats are also good panel screen materials. They’re renewable and weather-resistant. Although bamboo can become brittle over time, annually brushing it with tuning oil will prolong its life.


Add More Plants

Adding more plants or growing a hedge is a cost-effective way to improve your home’s fence. It affects your yard’s overall design. Plants also soften the rough edges of wooden or aluminum fences. Ornamental plants and shrubs help create depth when planted at your fence’s base.

If you prefer to grow a hedge to hide your fence partially, consider boxwood and glossy abelia. They are easy to maintain. Make sure to check local plant regulations before planting. Seek advice from a garden expert about what you should plant on your property.

Upcycled Materials and Lights

Using lights is a creative way to decorate your fence and transform your property’s atmosphere. Go for solar-powered light fixtures and lanterns to decorate your fence posts. You can also place some of these lights around the yard to create a cozy atmosphere. Upcycled materials such as repainted wrought-iron ornaments and washable chalkboards also help highlight your newly-renovated fences.

There you have it! Four ideas to help you renovate your property’s battered and worn-out fence. You don’t need to spend a fortune on a renovation. Creativity and imagination are the keys!

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