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So Sweet! Picking the Perfect Wedding Cake

When it comes to the food at a wedding reception, visitors often marvel at the cake. For them, it is not just a dessert. It is some kind of symbol for your union, though depicted in a much sweeter way — literally. With this in mind, it is important that every wedding couple spend time on picking the right cake. You would be surprised by the number of couples that just leaves the choice to their organizers. There are some occasions where the couple will just mindlessly pick the cake only to find out that it doesn’t suit the wedding theme.

You surely want to avoid those blunders, which is why you are here. You may not realize it, but there are actually some ways that will help you to pick the right cake. It is an art that you need to master at least at this point. Below are some of the pointers you need to keep in mind:

Attend a tasting event

Some caterers actually offer wedding cakes, in which case, you need to avoid tasting events. That way, you will be able to gauge the flavor of the cakes you will serve. The same also goes for when you attend wedding fairs or visiting pastry shops. A lot of these suppliers will invite you to their tasting session. Gladly accept the invitation and do not forget to take note of the tastes and take some pictures.

Find a baker specializing in it

Not all cakes are created equal. Some cakes are made for birthday parties, and some are made for special occasions, such as Christmas. If you want to get a flawless and flavorful cake, you should look for a bakery or shop that specializes in wedding cakes in Sterling Heights. This will make sure that you will reduce your chances of regret, as the people making your cake are basically expert.

Consider your guests

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It is up to you if you want to slice the cake and have everyone taste it, but it would be kind to share your cake. This is where you will need to factor in the number of guests. This is because the size of your cake will depend on it. You may not choose to have a big cake baked for you. Instead, bring in two or more cakes for sharing.

Mind the frosting

The frosting of the cake should depend on the flavor of your cake. But basically, you can choose from buttercream or fondant. You may want to pick a cake based on the possible weather on the day of your wedding. If you are having a wedding at a barn on a sunny day, buttercream may not be the best option or it will just melt.

Your wedding cake is not just a dessert that you and your spouse will slice and give away to the guests. It may sound romanticized, but your cake is basically one of the symbols of your union. It is something that your guests will marvel at. With this in mind, it only makes sense to spend some time on picking the right cake. Think of your cake as some sort of an icing on your celebration.

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