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How to Fix Uneven Concrete Surfaces

Concrete, reinforced with a material that is strong in tension such as steel, is widely used by construction companies because of two things — it has relatively high compressive strength and it can resist breaking under stress or pressure. It has become so integral to our communities because of the cost-effectiveness it delivers.

There are still some factors that can damage concrete, even though it’s one of the most robust building materials on the market. For a cost-effective solution to repair damaged concrete surfaces, most property owners are satisfied with concrete lifting in Salt Lake City.

This article will help you know why concrete is considered a cost-effective building material and how to protect it.

Concrete material is ideal for all types of construction projects, as it delivers a variety of benefits, such as the following:

  • Always available on the market
  • Safe to use because it has the lowest carbon footprint for your structure, and it doesn’t release any volatile organic compounds
  • Better quality compared with wood — doesn’t attract pests and insects
  • Provides unmatched strength and durability — a building material that doesn’t rust, rot, or burn
  • Exudes resilience and longevity in any environment — can withstand earthquakes
  • Versatility — can be cast into any conceivable shape, pattern, or color that you prefer
  • Recyclability — a building material that can be reused
  • Ideal for insulating sound and vibration
  • Brings fewer maintenance costs and can be easily repaired
  • Maximizes energy efficiency through thermal mass

Why Concrete is Affordable

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Concrete is available everywhere. It’s a mix of water, small rocks, sand, and cement. Rather than using pure cement alone for your construction, mixing it with stones and sand makes the project less expensive to accomplish.

Through concrete material, you can quickly come up with a structure or surface based on the preferred appearance. It can significantly help you to decrease the time needed to accomplish home renovations or additions.

Why You Need Concrete Lifting

When the soil below a concrete slab can no longer support the weight, a movement takes place known as a concrete settlement. When this happens, cracks in the concrete continue to arise, leading to water pooling and trip hazards.

The damaged concrete surface is easy to repair. Concrete lifting or concrete leveling is the appropriate procedure to rectify uneven concrete surfaces. After the repair, the service life of your concrete surface can be up to 10 to 15 more years.

4 Common Factors Contributing to Concrete Settlement

  • Poorly compacted ground
  • Changes in the ground’s moisture content
  • Wash-out of the soil underneath the slab
  • The earth expands and contracts

Concrete material lasts decades longer than other construction materials out there. It can handle temperature fluctuations — thawing and freezing, providing comfort to the occupants. When you notice any issues on your concrete surface, call experts to guarantee the safety and convenience of your family. It is important to use the right mixture of concrete to ensure the durability of your structure. Get professional help to make sure the construction process goes smoothly.

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