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How to Protect Your Surface Area from Wear and Tear

It may take a lot of time to do asphalt sealing. But this undertaking is crucial, especially in regions with colder climates. Why? If you don’t seal cracks or openings on your pavement, the strength of the surface will be compromised as water is known as the common cause of damage. When water settles on the ground, it leads to the formation of potholes, which can be dangerous to many.

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Why Surfaces Crack and What to Expect

Aside from water damage, surfaces, particularly asphalt layers, deteriorate over time and tend to become brittle and crumble due to ultraviolet rays from the sun and gas spills from automobiles.

Fissures on the edges of the surface can serve as the ground for grasses and other plants to grow and thrive. Presence of these can further damage the surface, leading to a more severe threat to many.

How to Protect Your Pavement

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Identifying the issue and fixing it as early as possible can help you save a lot of time and money. To seal those cracks, the best solution is to use an asphalt sealer. If you need help, hire a contractor to do the job correctly. Typically, this task will only be done every two or three years.

Types of Asphalt Sealers

There are four kinds of product that you can apply to your asphalt surfaces, such as the following:

  • Asphalt Emulsion Sealers: As an environmentally friendly option, using asphalt emulsion sealer is the best approach to fix your driveway issues. The substance is ideal for preventing oxidation and maintaining air quality since it smells better compared with other chemically processed sealants and doesn’t cause skin irritation to human. Asphalt emulsion sealers are in-demand due to its availability compared with other products. Its only drawback is it can be stained by gas or oil leak.
  • Coal Tar Sealers: Some people prefer coal tar sealers because they are easy to apply; it is a water-based sealer comprised of coal tar, polymers, and strengthening substances. Manufactured by baking coal, this kind of sealant was favored by many because of its resistance to petroleum-based chemicals and it can withstand extreme weather conditions. But take note as well that the coal tar sealer has been found to be harmful to human health and not good for the environment.
  • Fast Dry Sealers: If you need a sealant that cures in less than an hour, a quick dry sealer is the right product. It’s typically being used to patch up major roads and areas with high traffic. Most parking lot owners use it for convenience. Take note that this kind of sealer is costlier than other pavement sealers. Well, it would not be a problem when your neighbor is willing to share the costs with you.
  • Acrylic Sealers: If you are looking forward to more aesthetic value, acrylic sealers are ideal to use as there are varying degrees of color that you can find in the market — such as clear, green, red, and black. Acrylic sealers are also expensive. You can usually see this on basketball courts and shopping centers.

To make your asphalt driveway safer, do a regular inspection. When you see any cracks, fix it as soon as possible to guarantee the safety and convenience of your family.

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