How to Improve Your Office and Employee Productivity

Working in an office with dull colors or standard furniture can drain all the energy from employees. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Experts say that improving the way your workplace looks will not only make it more pleasing to the eye but also increase employee productivity. So, aside from investing in those metal honeycomb panels for protecting your office from heavy rains, add a little more to your budget to make your office look more stylish and at the same time, conducive for working.

Change the light bulbs

We often take for granted the power that light bulbs have. We just use them to light up our rooms, and we rarely consider them as effective mood-changers.

Experts say that insufficient lighting can increase risks of depression. It can also disrupt our sleep cycle, otherwise known as the circadian rhythm. When we work with low light, it could lead to strained eyes and headaches, preventing us from being productive at the office.

But working under strong light, on the other hand, could also lead to headaches and decreased productivity. The solution to these situations is to install lights in the office that can be adjusted according to the time of the day.

When you’re working in the morning, you need brighter lights to boost your energy and therefore make you more productive. And when the afternoon, comes your light should be dimmer to let your body know that it’s almost time to get some rest. This way, you can be more productive in the morning and in the afternoon, you won’t disrupt your circadian rhythm and let your body prepare itself for sleep in the evening.

Add your personal touch

office work

People are often more productive when their workplace doesn’t look too much like an office. This means that employees should be able to turn their workspace into their personal space, complete with photos of family or friends and a few decorations.

Working in a room that you’ve turned into your personal space can increase productivity. Why? Because you’ll start to remember why you’re working in that company in the first place, and that is to provide for your family.

Get office plants

There’s a reason why it’s rare to see an office without any plants in it because plants can give any dull and colorless space some life. Plants are closely associated with life, and having a pot or two in your office will give you that feeling that your workplace is alive and breathing. This, in turn, can increase the energy in your body and make you more productive.

Get an aquarium

If you don’t like having plants in your office, maybe having an aquarium is your cup of tea. What’s great about having an aquarium in your office is that it can both energize you and make you more productive. It can also help ease your tension whenever you stare at your little fish friends. People who have aquariums attest to their ability of relieving them of their tension whenever they watch the fishes eat or swim around.

Lastly, having vibrant colors in your office can definitely improve your outlook on your job. Painting your office walls with something other than gray will minimize employees’ risk of suffering from depression and make all of you more productive. It will be hard to say no to that.

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