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Is a visit to the cosmetic dentist for you?

Do you LOVE coffee and red wine? Have you noticed that with age your teeth have got more yellow and stained over time? Or maybe you have realised that you really, really do want to finally get something done about your crooked teeth?  Then reaching out to your dentist to ask about the various options for you, could be the answer! Nothing, but nothing knocks the confidence as much as teeth that you feel look bad.

Types of cosmetic procedures

Most dentists, especially those in larger towns and cities like London, have a full and abundant selection of cosmetic dentistry to choose from which includes teeth whitening, gum lifting, porcelain veneers, smile makeovers, white spot treatments.

How to keep your smile beaming

Whether you want to have a dazzling A-lister smile or you just want to have teeth a few shades brighter, your dentist will be able to give you advice.  Most dental clinics offer two kinds of whitening procedures, the first is to have your teeth made lighter whilst you are sat in the dental chair.  The bleaching process takes about an hour and is activated by a lamp which is placed over your teeth.

The second way is home whitening, this is where your dentist will get a plastic mould made specifically fitted to the shape of your mouth and teeth and then you can place the whitening gel in this overnight at home yourself.  You will start to see your teeth whitening after around two weeks, but many people start to see a difference in just a few days.

Crooked and yellowing teeth?

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When it comes to treatments such as veneers, you gain a double win-win, as teeth can be brightened and also made to look straighter through a new surface being fitted over the old tooth.

Out with the metal and in with the white

Even replacing old metal fillings with brand new white ceramic ones can make a real difference to how your teeth and smile look! Ceramic fillings are both durable and aesthetically attractive, as they have the advantage of looking more natural and also have more resistant to staining and abrasion.

And now just look at you!!!

The benefits of bright and straight teeth are plain to see. They can make you appear younger as the eyes are naturally drawn to a gleaming smile, and away from any crows feet lurking! Cosmetic dentistry can enhance your appearance and boost your confidence and make you friendlier as you gain confidence and smile more easily.

Nobody wants to be self-conscious of yellow teeth, it is such a shame to suffer in silence when all the help you need is only a hop skip and a jump away at your dentist!

Your dentist will see you and your teeth safely through the whitening journey, ultimately to the arrival of your final destination ‘White Smile Utopia’!

A big white smile, a happier face, more confidence, go for it!

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