Industrial Design

How to Incorporate Industrial Design Into Your Home

When people think of industrial design, they often think of a new, suburban loft with exposed brick walls and pieces of furniture made with iron. Although it isn’t entirely wrong, there’s so much more that goes on to industrial design than its seeming hipster appeal. In the past couple of years, industrial design has dominated the interior design industry, and it’s easy to see why. Its aesthetics is a mixture of vintage design and modern charm that makes it irresistible for most people who are into contemporary features. But how do you apply it to your home?

Starting with a neutral color palette

If you take a close look at homes with industrial design, you’ll notice that there isn’t any bold dash of color anywhere in sight. Instead, it relies on a mixture of neutral shades to create a cohesive look. With that said, not every neutral is suited for this kind of style. Compared to those used in traditionally modern spaces, industrial designers often use warm and inviting colors such as tan and brown into their plan. You also need to consider natural materials.

If you’re still searching for a new place to stay, then you’re in luck. Not everyone has the opportunity to live in a house entirely built for an industrial style. Most of the time, you have to work with what you have and improvise from there. Fortunately, there are other ways to include natural materials into your interior design. One way to do it is by incorporating natural elements into the mix. You can choose to include stone, wood, and metal pieces into your design to give you a sleek look.

Industrial Design

Merging the old with the new

When it comes to industrial design, dark and worn are the best choice. Any piece of furniture that seems to have a history with it is a perfect fit for your home. At the same time, considering staircase construction made of clear toughened safety glass is a distinctive design element to mix with your vintage style. Adding these highlight accents can enhance the vintage-inspired pieces that you have in your home.

When shopping for wooden pieces, look for any furniture with a weathered look. You can try to look at yard sales or secondhand stores to find the right furniture. Meanwhile, when choosing a metal finish, go for the one that compliments your style. A brushed finish will give your room an antique feel to it while choosing a polished chrome will give it a modern look. Also, you can incorporate metal in other parts of your house aside from the fixtures. Kitchen bar stools and other shelving units are a great option for adding a touch of metal to your space.

Most people assume that industrial design works for urban settings only. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can include it in any space by adding a bit of distressed furniture mixed with wood and metal. There’s no denying that industrial design has caught the hearts of a lot of people when it comes to interior planning.

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