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How to Throw a Winter Wonderland House Party

Do you prefer to stay in during winter? It’s tempting to snuggle with a warm drink and some spiced cookies. But you should still remain active througout this season. One way to do that is by hosting a winter house party. But before you send out those invites, get your house ready. Here are some ideas you can use.

Preparing Your House

There are some ways to winter-proof your house. The first is to check the roof insulation. The lack of insulation will affect the heat inside. Try to bring down your energy bill during the winter by updating your roof insulation before the season.

You’re likely to use more appliances during this season. Cookers, heaters, and boilers can cause carbon monoxide leaks, so you should install carbon monoxide alarms. Most hardware and supplies stores will carry these items.

You should also insulate hot water pipes. Don’t wait until wintertime because hot water pipes can burst. Keep these well-maitained to avoid water interruptions.

A smart meter is optional but helpful. It gauges your electricity and gas usage. It’s a great device if you want to keep your utility bills low.

Make sure you clear the gutters before the party. Leaves and other foreign material will block your gutter, which will cause water to go in different directions rather than going down. This can stain your walls and other parts of the house.

Improvenet knows how important a fireplace is in winter. It keeps everybody warm and you can even roast smores in it. Your house will smell fantastic when you use good wood. But it can also be hazardous, which is why installing a safe one is a must. If you want to be safe, choose a quality fireplace for your Salt Lake City home.

How to Plan Your Winter Party

The first thing to do is send out the invitations. If you have time, pick up some paper for your card. Buy cute winter symbols that you can put on your invitations. You can also use a postcard as a backdrop for your invitation.

You need some items to decorate your winter party. Choose symbols of winter like a snowman, snowballs, ice fairies, and snowflakes. You need “fake” variations of these items since your party is inside.

Decorate your party area with your winter items. Hang some snowflakes and winter fairies. Put some snowmen in corners so children don’t bump into them. Put some white ribbons and other hanging decorations on your walls.

You can create your message using craft products. Winter colors are blue and white so focus on these colors. You can also create a theme and and request that your guests dress according to it. Finally, prepare some music for the party.

During Your Winter Party

Christmas cupcakes

Prepare children and adults’ games to keep things fun. You can take some games outside where everyone can enjoy real snow. For that activity, encourage everyone to layer their clothing.

Your party will be successful if there’s good food. For children, prepare some sweet treats. Put some candies and chocolates together. You may also toss in some nuts, pretzels, and marshmallows. Adults also like these so double the number of your servings.

Prepare a dessert table featuring a selection of different winter cookies. You can also bake gingerbread desserts. Prepare some hot water so that guests can drink hot cocoa. Take note that this drink needs some toppings.

One of the most awaited parts for guests is the favors. It’s easy to make children happy. You can pack some candies and winter toys and they would make them excited. Adults will need something more elaborate like gourmet food.

You don’t have to break the bank for this party. Some errands to the supply and candy store will do. Also, if you make repairs way before your party then you won’t need to spend on that during winter.

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