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How to Make Your Bathroom Distinct and More Appealing

It’s a comforting experience to use a bathroom when you see that everything is organized and neat. You can achieve this by having stylish bathroom vanities in your home in Salt Lake City or any other metropolitan area. Moreover, there are clever ideas that you can try to make your bathroom distinct and appealing.

Using Stripes in Bathroom

Using stripes in the bathroom is never new, but most property owners still go for it because the style sends a bold message to everyone. Also, combining horizontal and vertical stripes will help you achieve a nice-looking bathroom. Through tiles, you can experiment with various patterns to suit your taste. To boost your mood, you can opt to have a mild color for the rest of the wall.

A New Trend in Cutting Tiles

Most old bathrooms have tiles cut at 90 degrees angle. But what’s in today in the tiling industry and also recommended by most designers is cutting tiles at 45 degrees angle. The process may add up to your construction expenses because you would need to cut a lot of tiles, but think of the elegance that the design will bring to your bathroom.

It’s better to choose ceramic tiles because they are easier to cut, providing you with convenience. They are less costly, too.

Complete Your Bathroom with Vanities

A bathroom will never be complete without vanities. These pieces of furniture can help you organize your bathroom items properly. In addition, they help increase the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom. Since everything is in the right place, you can grab the right stuff quickly.

bathroom sink with vanities

Build Durable and Nice-Looking Flooring

For guest powder room or half-bath area, using engineered wood for flooring is not a wrong choice as the material can resist more water. But for frequently used shower bathrooms, here are your flooring options:

  • Ceramic or stone tile
  • Concrete

Allow variation to happen in your bathroom. Stone tiles can bring a significant positive impact on the aesthetic point of view. Most property owners prefer having feature tiles in the shower flooring. It helps make your bathroom an exciting place to take a shower.

Create a Nature-Inspired Bathroom

Common bathrooms aren’t usually inviting and cozy. You can make yours charming in many different ways. To achieve a rustic look for your bathroom, get inspired by the beauty of nature.

Stone tiles can be an additional attractive rustic décor. They can make your bathroom extra warm and comfortable. Integrating reclaimed boards or live edge wood panels on the wall will emphasize the appearance of your bathroom. They are ideal for creating a rustic backdrop for vanities and mirrors.

Adding indoor plants to your bathroom can promote good health and help you in letting go of the stress in your eyes. Plants are a natural filter for undesirable energy, promoting your mental well-being.

You use your bathroom to achieve comfort, and a nature-inspired shower room invites a calming effect. This will help you make a positive vibe after taking a bath. Your bathroom reflects that type of life that you have. Consider the suggestions above to achieve a beautiful bathroom for your family and your guests.

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