Maximize Your Backyard Space With These Tips

Kids love to play outdoors, and as much as possible, they should play in natural surroundings to learn more about their environment. Your backyard is an ideal location for outdoor recreation. However, do you find your backyard too small for your kids to play? If so, free up some space with these clever tips.

Declutter and store

Lawnmowers, gardening tools, and toys fill up much of the space in your backyard. Declutter your yard to recoup the space you lost. Use plastic outdoor storage units to store items you are not using. You may also consider having a shed to store bigger outdoor gears. Sheds that are big enough can also be used as a play area for your kids.

Section multiple defined spaces

Kid's area in the backyard

Create multiple different areas in your yard. This will make your backyard space appear bigger. Set a designated play area, an eating area, and lounging space. Even planters, pathways, and fountains can be considered their own area as well. Use markers to distinguish different areas in your backyard.

Use multiple levels

Aside from creating multiple defined spaces, you should also provide multiple levels of steps for one or each of the section. For instance, you can create multi-level sitting areas or multi-level flower beds to enchant your kids. Add some steps around a pond or create some steps on the eating nook. The key is to raise and sink in areas to make them appear bigger.

Clear rotting plants or weeds

Regain space by removing all the rotting plants in your area. You can’t design a small garden, pond, or fountain if these plants litter the ground. You’ll need these elements to entice children to play because research suggests that they are naturally attracted to open spaces.

Cut off trees or bushes

Cleaning the backyard

Having too many trees and bushes make your yard space look crowded and busy. Trim long trees or bushes to create an open yard for your kids. Also, trim the grass and put multi-coloured flowering plants on your area. This will create a clean and clutter-free space in your yard.

Make some curves

You don’t need to expand your backyard to make it bigger. Sometimes, a visual illusion is key. One trick is to create meandering pathways. This will not only look longer than a straight pathway, but it will also soften awkward narrow spaces. Using diagonals will also make your space appear larger. To do this, set floor materials at an angle to the boundaries.

Only use materials that fit your space

Oversized benches will make small spaces even smaller. When you have a small backyard, opt for furniture and installations that match your space. You may have to forego barbecue grills that will make your space crowded.

Install hardware for play area

After decluttering your backyard space, you may now consider adding more functionality to the play area. Aside from flowering gardens, ponds, or fountains, you can also install a seesaw or swing in your backyard. This will entice your children to go out and play.

You really don’t have to expand your backyard to get a bigger space. With these clever tips, you can provide more play space for your kids. So, free up some space and let your children play and enjoy their natural surroundings.

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