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Keeping up with Wellness Trends During a Global Pandemic

Wellness is the new fashion.

More than a lifestyle choice, wellness is now an influential trend in health care. Restaurants have introduced the keto diet to their menus, while high-street brands are slowly adding more activewear components to their clothing line.

In defining wellness, the Global Wellness Institute describes it as “the active pursuit of activities, choices, and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health.” Wellness is a multidimensional term that is more than just physical health. It involves the mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and environmental health of an individual.

But along with the changing times, it is hard to distinguish which health trends are worth following and which are better forgotten. To help kick-start a healthier lifestyle, here are the health and wellness trends you should follow right now:

1. Personal training through virtual workouts

With the global pandemic, reaching your fitness goals at home is an alternative approach to get in shape. As fitness studios and gyms have temporarily closed for safety reasons, health buffs are resorting to virtual options to get the benefits of exercise without attending fitness classes.

Workout apps and prerecorded fitness videos are cheaper and more convenient alternatives that you can try at home. Those who have gym memberships should try online workout subscriptions if they want a tailored feel of a personal training session.

What’s great about virtual workouts is that they offer a wide range of fitness programs to suit your preferences and fitness goals. Another benefit of streaming fitness content is that you can take part in the latest workout trends and gain access to popular fitness instructors.

2. Booking online wellness appointments

The health crisis brought by COVID-19 led many to put off their doctor appointments to avoid getting in contact with other patients. To gain access to health services in the comfort of your home, doctors now offer telemedicine services or virtual consultations to accommodate patients.

Telemedicine allows a patient to share medical information with a practitioner in another location. Consultations vary from general medicine, dermatology, dietetics, and other medical specialties.

Even dental service centers are also hopping in the new healthcare trend. Some offer free consultations for patients by sending a close-up image of their smile or any dental concern to their dentist. The dentist will send a message or video addressing their questions. There is no need to worry if a random toothache occurs while stuck in quarantine!


3. Improving mental health through mindfulness and meditation

The Global Wellness Summit describes mental health as the biggest future trend, as online communities and celebrities are making initiatives to address the stigma surrounding mental health. These include workout brands offering meditation plans that will track your mental state.

Besides maintaining a healthy physique, mental health is something you should not ignore. Those who feel pressured because they don’t know when and how to start a mental fitness plan can turn to meditation apps.

Meditation offers several benefits that go beyond better sleep and fewer stressful days. It helps you navigate and overcome potential signs and symptoms of mental health issues, including chronic headaches, high blood pressure, and significant tiredness.

As you spend more time at home, you have a chance to refresh yourself and recover from the hustle of everyday life by taking mental-health wellness sessions.

4. Avoiding “maskne”with above-the-mask grooming services

While spas and facial sessions are a classic pastime among women, beauty and grooming should also be a part of men’s overall wellness. As face masks have become a part of our daily routine, some people develop skin problems as a side effect.

Sweat, bacteria, and oil accumulate in areas where the mask touches your face. It may cause skin issues such as breakouts, bumpiness, redness, and other signs of irritation.

The pandemic has gathered everyone indoors. You can spend your free time on homemade skincare routines. You can start with men’s skincare products to protect you from maskne symptoms while maintaining healthy skin indoors. These include a gentle cleanser, non-comedogenic moisturizer, cortisone cream, and other skin products recommended by your trusted dermatologist.

In this uncertain time when we lose all our control, beauty and self-care will give you a liberating feeling that you need.

5. Hitting the pause button and recharging

Besides all the wellness measures mentioned above, never forget how resting and recharging can provide a significant impact on your overall wellness. Having more time for yourself can be a blessing in disguise if you use it to your benefit.

You can do this by trying to limit your screen time and detox from your social media accounts. Instead, opt for indoor physical activity or start a new hobby.

On top of all these wellness offerings, make sure that you find an activity that will suit your preferences and health needs. All you need to do is to take one step at a time. What matters is that you incorporate a wellness routine into your life, with or without a global pandemic.


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