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Kit Up: Football Gear for Fans During the Coronavirus Lockdown

One of the coronavirus lockdown’s most visible effects to society is how it stopped public events, such as going to stadiums to see our favorite teams play. It’s really a shame because there’s nothing like the experience of singing among thousands of fans. It’s what makes football a unique sport. But, it’s necessary at this time to avoid spreading sickness to other fans and to generally keep them out of harm.

Still, it’s a bummer to just stay at home and potentially watch football through the television until the end of the year. It’s not even a good substitute, because you just follow what the camera shows you. It doesn’t show the start of chants or replicate the atmosphere that gives fans a chill down their spine.

How You Can Kit Up for Coronavirus

Keeping yourself safe and healthy is the utmost thing on your mind right now, however important going to a match is for you. Maybe you can save that money you were supposed to use to buy the new uniforms for this year and spend it on something else.

Scarves – It won’t be long before the cold gets here, and a scarf, with your club colors all over it, of course, is going to be a wise purchase for the coming months. You don’t have to buy what your club is selling as there are custom soccer scarves stores online that can make something that’s just for you. There’s no better time than to stock up for new gear than now, and refreshing your scarf rotation is a good start.

wearing a scarf

Face Masks –┬áThe first level of personal protection is a face mask. You must know by now that you touch your face an awful lot without you even noticing it. You’ll always use your hands, that’s inevitable. But, so that you don’t transmit whatever germs are on anything you touch, the face mask is all-important. Using alcohol to sanitize your hands is a big help too, but a face mask offers protection against you and aerosols that could carry the virus.

Neck Gaiters – As the cold is coming, there’s something you can pair with your scarf that will go well with your football kit: a neck gait. It could work as your face mask (which isn’t recommended), but an actual face mask under (which is recommended) with the gaiter as a second layer is┬áproper. Plus, if you can protect your neck from being touched, that’s another win for you and your COVID-less existence.

Gloves – The subject of touching things and touching your face after has been hot, to say the least. Face masks, alcohol spritz, and not touching have all been touted as a solution, but adding gloves in there wouldn’t hurt. What better way to not actually touch things but to have a separation between your hands and whatever you touch? These seem like too fine a detail, but when you’re trying to combat a virus that you can’t see but is seemingly anywhere, extreme is the norm.

You can never be too safe nowadays. As a football fan, instead of just buying clothes from the mall, why don’t you go for customizing gear to show your club colors? If you’re going to put on layers, you might as well represent your club while doing it.

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