Know What To Do Before a Long Trip

Everyone is likely tired of looking at the walls of their home during this pandemic. No one is going to blame you if you plan to go on a long trip when it is viable. Maybe a few months away from home can make it feel nice again. But when you come back, you want your home to still look nice. Here are some tips on how to ensure that it happens.

Clean Everything

The very first thing that you should do is to have a thorough cleaning of your home. The main idea is that when you come home from your vacation, you’ll only have the mess that accumulated from your absence. If you don’t clean, then the current mess will only get worse. Several areas need cleaning. For one, you need to clean out the nooks and crannies. Professional help such as air vent cleaning services can be a big help,

You should then move to clean the general areas of your house. Clean up all the dust and shine everything up. Think of it as spring cleaning. Finally, you will need to get rid of all the perishables. This will involve cleaning out your refrigerator. When you leave, your fridge should be empty.

Consider Using Storage

When you are leaving the country for some time, this leaves a lot of your valuables inside your house. This can leave you worrying about what can happen to them while you’re gone. One solution to that is to move the valuables out of your house and into storage.

For example, you can rent a secure storage unit away from your house and then store some of your items there. This can be a good thing if you have important items that you want to keep separate from your belongings. These might be expensive electronics like your television. You might also store more fragile items. For jewelry and other valuables, consider getting a safe deposit box. These are perfect for money and heirlooms.

Take Some Security Precautions

Another part of your preparation is to ensure that your house is secure from potential thieves. There are a couple of things that you can do. One of the things you can do is install a professional security system. Since you will be gone for some time, then you will need a system that alerts professional security and the police. This ensures that there will be a response to people breaking in. You can also choose one that offers you an online connection. This means you can watch your house with an app. Just connect to the cameras online so you can check out your house.

Next, you should also consider replacing all your locks. Stronger locks provide another layer of protection for your home. The new keys can also prevent any potential thief who had access to the old ones. Finally, you should talk to your neighbors. Ask them to check on your house every few days or so. This ensures that you have another layer of protection.

Think About The Living Things

woman and her plants

When you go on vacation, you can’t bring everyone in your house with you. These are your pets and plants. Plants are easy. If they are mainly in your yard, having a yard maintenance service drop by every week. This ensures that your yard doesn’t look like a jungle or a desert when you come back from your vacation. If you have indoor plants, then you should move them out to the yard for some maintenance. House plants are much more fragile so you might want to leave them with someone who can water and care for them.

Next, there are your pets. First, you should seriously consider bringing your pets along. Pets need attention and love so leaving them behind can make them feel bad. It might be a bit inconvenient but a pet on your trip can be fun. Second, if you cannot bring them, then do not leave behind your house. It is a good idea to leave them with someone you trust. Your neighbors are a good idea since they are near your house, so they should be familiar. But you can also bring them to friends or family. Give them instructions and leave some money for their food and vet bills.

Proper preparation ensures that when you come back from your vacation your home still looks great. This can make your vacation a lot more carefree since you don’t have to worry about what’s happening with your house. Include your house prepping with your vacation plans so that you can have a nice trip.

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