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How to Make Your Home More in Line With Your Manly Lifestyle

A man’s home is his castle, and he should be able to make it look and feel the way he wants. If your home doesn’t quite reflect your manly sensibilities, don’t worry — there are things you can do to change that.

While you can find many DIY things that can help create a manly environment, it’s best to take help from professionals. You can connect with interior designers and seek their assistance to make your dream living space in line with your manly lifestyle.

Don’t worry, as creating such a space is not as challenging as you think. Here are six tips to help you get started.

Get Rid of Anything That’s Too Girly

If you’re trying to create a more masculine environment in your home, getting rid of anything too girly is an excellent place to start. That means getting rid of frilly curtains, delicate china, and anything else that feels overly feminine.

Instead, focus on creating a space that’s sleek and stylish. Use dark colors and bold patterns to create an edgy look, and make sure your furniture is sturdy and masculine. In addition, ditch any cutesy decor items in favor of something more masculine.

You can create a home that better reflects your style by making these simple changes.

Make Your Furniture Work for You

Start by swapping out delicate end tables for something with cleaner lines, like a sturdy coffee table made from reclaimed wood. Then, ditch the floral couch cushions in favor of something in a neutral hue, like chenille or leather. Finally, add personal touches, like a vintage sports pennant or a taxidermied animal head.

These simple changes will help create a more masculine feel in your home, and they’ll also make it more functional. After all, what’s more masculine than being practical?

Add Some Manly Accents

A masculine home is not about eliminating all traces of femininity but creating a space that reflects your unique style. An easy way to add some manly accents to your home is with accessories. For example, swap out your current throw pillows for ones with bold geometric patterns or leather details.

Similarly, you can also ditch your frilly curtains in favor of something more masculine, like shutters or blinds. Another way to create a more masculine vibe in your home is with colors and textures. Rich, dark colors make a feeling of sophistication, while exposed brick or wood details add a touch of ruggedness.

When it comes to furniture, choose sturdy and straightforward pieces in the design. Finally, don’t forget the power of scent. A manly home should have a distinct scent that reflects your personality.

Create a Man Cave

Every man needs a space of his own — a place where he can relax and escape the demands of everyday life. This is why more and more men are creating man caves in their homes.

By definition, a man cave is a room or space in the house dedicated to the things that men love — whether that’s sports, gaming, movies, or just hanging out with friends. If you’re thinking about creating your man cave, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

A man smiling looking at a furniture

First, you need to choose the correct location. The basement is usually a good choice, but any spare room will do. Once you’ve found the perfect spot, it’s time to start filling it with all your favorite things. Think about what you love and what will make you feel most comfortable. Do you need a big screen TV for watching the game? A pool table for some friendly competition? A bar for entertaining friends? Whatever you love, make sure your man cave has it.

Finally, don’t forget to personalize your space. After all, a man cave is all about reflecting your style. So, whether you want to hang up your favorite sports jerseys or display your collection of vintage beer cans, make sure your man cave reflects you.

Update Your Lighting

If you’re looking to update your home to reflect your manly lifestyle better, your lighting is a key area to focus on. The proper lighting can make a big difference in how comfortable and inviting your home feels. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you shop for new light fixtures:

1. Go for a bold look. Don’t be afraid to make a statement with your lighting. Masculine colors like black and dark brown can give your home a more severe and sophisticated vibe.

2. Avoid light fixtures. Choose light fixtures that look strong and sturdy. Nothing says “fragile” like a dainty chandelier or wall sconce!

3. Consider scale. Make sure your light fixtures are in proportion to the size of your room. You don’t want a tiny lamp in a large living room or a massive chandelier in a small bedroom.

4. Go for functionality. In addition to looking good, your light fixtures should also be practical. Choose institutions that provide the right amount of light for the space and are easy to operate.

5. Think about ambiance. The proper lighting can help create the perfect ambiance for your home. For example, soft, dimmable lights create a relaxing atmosphere, while brighter lights are better for areas where you need to be more alert, like a home office.

You can make your home more in line with your manly lifestyle by following these tips. So get started today and enjoy your new male space!

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