Living on a Sailboat: Easy Liveaboard Tips to Follow

If you are someone who loves and enjoys the nomadic lifestyle, living on a boat is surely one of the most exciting options. In fact, there are several individuals around the world who already live a liveaboard lifestyle. But this choice of living has more than just excitement to offer.

For one, it’s a great option if you want to reduce your living expenses, start a more eco-friendly lifestyle, and a chance of simpler and more intentional living. You get to cut that expensive rent fee and save more money, reduce energy and water consumption and focus on recycling, and just spend more time outdoors. Curious how you can live this lifestyle in an easier manner? Here are some of our tips for you.

  1. Plan for maintenance and repairs

Now before we discuss anything else, it’s probably obvious that you need to first prepare for the maintenance and repairs of your sailboat or yacht. If you are a natural troubleshooter or handyman, you might not have a hard time dealing with the mechanics or diesel engines. However, if you’re not totally familiar with system monitoring, fluid checks, or electrical and power maintenance, it would be best to just hire a sailboat or yacht care company to deal with it.

They can help you ensure the smooth-running condition of your boat by providing routine maintenance. Yes, this might seem like an upfront cost, but it can most definitely save you from more expensive repairs. Plus, this can avoid sudden breakdowns, especially when you’re cruising.

  1. Craft spaces for different activities

As much as you can, it’s best to have designated areas for every daily activity you have. Not only this will make that water vessel a home, but it will also help in keeping everything organized and functional. For example, you can set up the bedroom at the end of the ship and use sliding doors. This gives you complete privacy. You can then start crafting your living area, kitchen, and indoor dining space using the rest of the cabin. You might also consider creating a workspace, study area, or any kind of nook.

  1. Conserve your water


The next thing you need to prepare for is what you can do for the water source. Despite being surrounded by water, living on a boat will demand you to work hard when it comes to managing your freshwater supply. Regardless if you’re using a rainwater system or buying your fresh water supply, it’s important to practice water conservation in your liveaboard days. You can simply use a tub when washing your dishes to reduce wash and rinse water consumption.

For showering, it would be best to invest in a water-saving showerhead or using your gym membership to use their shower facility in case you’re not planning to install one. As for the laundry, it’s highly recommended to just build a wardrobe of odor-resistance and lightweight clothing that won’t require more frequent laundry days. And keep that clothing locker small!

  1. Consider zero waste living

Another perfect lifestyle to pair with liveaboard is going completely zero waste. Eliminating single-use plastic and paper can make a huge impact in reducing trash in your boathouse and saving more space. One of the top adjustments you need to work on is the use of paper towels in the kitchen. Try using rags instead.

As for food storage, avoid buying and using flimsy containers, plastic wraps, or plastic bags. Go for glass jars and containers or other sustainable options such as reusable silicone bags or beeswax wraps. Also, if you’re using plastic and paper waste for your personal care, find alternative options.

  1. Be prepared for the hard work

Let’s face it, living on a boat is not always easy and smooth sailing. There are times wherein you need to work harder to keep your sail in the right wind direction. There are days you might not have enough electricity, water sources, and complete protection against the ever-changing weather conditions. People living in the boat for years recommend that newbies who aren’t ready for rocky adventures or more of a couch potato stay docked in a marina.

Living in a boat is definitely not all about freedom or luxury. Just like any other style of life, it has its drawbacks, from lacking enough space to working hard on the maintenance and repairs. Nonetheless, the perks that this lifestyle offers absolutely surpass all that. Make your life on your boat more fun and less of a hassle by following these practical tips.

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