Change Your Life in Your 30s: What to Do to Enjoy Longer and Better Life

Some people despair when they hit 30 and feel like they have done nothing good with their life. But it is the perfect time to change things. With the right lifestyle changes, you should be able to turn your life around and make it better for yourself. Here are some things that you should do:

Set Down The Goals You Want To Have

If there is anything that can change your life, it is your willingness to do so. But just thinking that you will change things is not enough. You have to have solid goals in your change. For example, you might decide that you want to start earning more money. That vague goal is a bad idea. You should specify what you plan to do to earn that money. It would even be nice to write it down so that it feels more like a promise.

Break Your Addictions

quit smoking

One of the big problems that are making things worse in your life is addiction. A lot of people develop a dependence on a substance early in their life. Whether it is drugs or alcohol, checking into the local drug or alcohol rehab facilities can go a long way to improve things. It is not simple and it can take time but quitting an addiction will improve your mental and physical health.

Choose Your Friends Wisely

The people that surround you can influence your life a lot. Surrounding yourself with people who put you down or are bad influences has been the root of many problems. They push you to do bad decisions or follow their lead into pad people. You should cut them out of your life. Stop associating with them and find yourself some good friends that would support and help you.

Start Reading Every Day

It can be surprising to hear but a lot of people nowadays don’t read books anymore. The closest they have to reading is conspiracies on Facebook. You need to change that. Providing your mind with good information can shape it so that it is more creative and performs better. Read 10 pages of good nonfiction every day. Things like local history or personal improvement can help a lot in getting your mind working and learning. Like muscles, it will improve you in the long run.

Open A Savings Account

You should stop living from paycheck to paycheck. That is not the way to live. Go to the local bank and open a savings account. Every payday, you should set aside ten percent of your income into the savings account. You should then promise to never tough the money inside the account except for emergencies. Having a financial cushion like that can greatly change your life. It makes you feel more stable and reliable.

Exercise Regularly


Many people get lazy and let themselves go physically once they graduate from college. Some start even earlier than that. Change that by starting to exercise regularly. You don’t have to start anything fancy. Simply begin with a set of ten for each basic exercise like push-ups, crunches, and squats. From there, develop your body to do more. The exercise burns calories and gets your blood pumping so that it feels a lot better.

Eat Three Square Meals A Day

Another way that people have been hurting themselves is in their eating habits. Some people eat too much, others eat too little. Change your diet by promising to get three proper meals every day. Start with a good breakfast, a hearty lunch, and a light dinner. Proper nutrition and hydration can make your body feel a lot better and can allow you to do more to change your life.

Evaluate Your Time Usage

You should seriously sit down and evaluate what you do with your time every day. Many people sit around watching TV or playing video games every day. While it is nice to relax, you should be doing something productive with your life. Schedule something to do so that you can better yourself.

Change Your Job

One reason that you might feel that you are burning out is you are trapped in a dead-end job. It can be very depressing and you should change that. Resign from your position and look for a job that challenges you. You might even start your own business. Staying at a job that leads nowhere can be bad for your mindset in the long run.

Changing the direction of your life is a challenge. Similar to redirecting the flow of a river, it is possible but will take a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. But the results will be visible for the rest of your life. The important thing is to finally decide to drastically make your life better. It is the push that your life needs to start changing.

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