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Productive Hobbies to Spend Your Free Time

As one health and wellness expert, Deepak Chopra, aptly put it, the most important currency in life is time. Accordingly, structuring your day which allows you to have more free time increases life satisfaction and wellbeing.

In fact, a lot of researches support this idea. In a 2016 survey involving millennial respondents, 72 percent agree that spending money on experiences is more rewarding than buying material goods.

However, in this day and age, with the modern yet busy and stressful way of life, we tend to spend our free time on things that do not make us truly happy.

After a long day of handling work and other obligations, we usually just find ourselves camped out in front of our televisions and computers. Whenever we have free time, the most we can manage is to lay on our couches.

Back in the old days, leisure time is that window of time for one to pursue one’s true passion and interest. It is not thought of as a chance to “veg out” but rather a productive outlet that not only brings joy and keeps one’s mind sharp but also expands one’s creativity and teaches valuable life skills.

Essentially, hobbies make life more interesting and make one more well-rounded. If you want to engage in a hobby but not entirely what to pursue, here are some classics that got a lot of people’s interest and will surely do the same to you:

#1 Reading

A lot of great men in history were voracious readers. When you read, you somehow connect with the great writers and thinkers of history. Reading exposes you to tons of new ideas, expanding your knowledge and making you a well-rounded individual.

If you have access to your public library, reading can even be a completely free hobby. But you can always purchase books at a secondhand bookstore and read in the comforts of your own home, perhaps in your high-tech OHCO massage chair.

Though a lot of people find reading tedious, if you find the right book, everything will be easy as a breeze.

#2 Ballroom Dancing

Our grandpas knew how to dance, so why not take up ballroom dancing too and channel your inner Patrick Swayze?

Ballroom dancing is good for both your physical health and social wellbeing. It helps not only in improving your cardiovascular system, posture, and poise, but also self-confidence.

Not to mention, ladies dig a gentleman who knows his way on the dance floor. If you are married or in a relationship, ballroom dancing could be a fun date night activity. And if you are single, this hobby is actually an excellent way to meet women.

#3 Woodworking

Nothing is manlier than a man who could take a piece of wood and transform it into something beautiful and useful. Think of Ron Swanson.

Taking woodwork as a hobby is extremely useful. Not only does it mean you can make your own Christmas presents instead of buying them, but also you can make the furniture pieces around your house.

A lot of woodworking hobbyists agree that woodworking is more than just a useful skill. As you chisel to a piece of wood, you enter into a zen-like state and this helps improves one’s stress level and boost patience.

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#4 Gardening

Most of us are so busy with our careers, we tend to be cooped up all day in our offices, enduring the artificial light and stale recycled air. Thus, it is not surprising that mental health issues have been a growing concern in recent years.

One way to improve one’s overall mental wellbeing is to pursue gardening. This is a great hobby for you to exercise, enjoy fresh air, and get plenty of sunlight.

Not to mention, as you watch your garden thrive, it gives you a sense of accomplishment like beating the high score on a video game.

#5 Classic Car Restoration

Before cars have become more sophisticated and more reliant on computers, men would spend hours on end in their garages tinkering with their vehicles.

If you have an itch to do something like that, then perhaps classic car restoration is a hobby that you should consider. All the hard work and sweat pay off once you are able to power up the engine you were rebuilding. Plus, along the way, you get to improve your engineering and problem-solving skills.

Keep in mind though that car restoration is an expensive hobby to get into. You have to set a budget to purchase the car to be restored. Not to mention you need all the space, tools, and custom parts to do the job.

But it can always be a lucrative business if you are willing to sell your baby for cash. Rather than just spend time on your bed, make use of your free time with these hobbies.

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