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Pre-Wedding Self-Care: Loosen Some Nerves Before the Big Day

It’s every man’s dream to be with the woman that they love. Nothing is as emotional as seeing your bride walking down the aisle right before joining your hand as both of you take your vows. But right before that does happen, there’s a ton of preparation that needs to be done. While there are event planning experts that will do the heavy lifting for your wedding, you might need to at least do some supervision to ensure that everything is in order. But having to manage your wedding and looking after a variety of different aspects of it can cause unnecessary stress.

As the big day draws near, you’ll be feeling a bit nervous, especially if you’re thinking about what-ifs during your wedding. What if you’re wearing something a bit too loose? Do you think your shoes will match with your overall attire? Is everything planned out correctly? Well, there’s a good chance that your wedding is being handled by professionals with years of experience in planning out weddings, so you won’t have to worry about that. The last thing that you want during your wedding day is getting anxious. Since it’s your big day, all you have to do is relax, loosen up some nerves, and generally have a good time. After all, you want to be prepared, but also calm and collected during your wedding.

So what are some ways of taking care of yourself before your big day? How do you loosen up your nerves while getting into the groove? Here’s what you can do.

Taking in the Views

A part of soothing your nerves and getting yourself in the groove for your wedding (and the reception) is by taking in the positive energy of the environment around you. Sometimes, you have to tune out your workplace’s fast-paced environment and start getting some fresh air. Checking in on a resort or going to a quiet area for a few days to recuperate can definitely help loosen up your nerves and help with your mood.

It’s also important to consider your wedding venue since this will set the mood for everything needed. You might want to choose a wedding venue that’s away from the city’s hustle and bustle while still having that traditional and wholesome atmosphere of a wedding. Fortunately, there are farm wedding venues that have a good balance of modern and country interior designs. You can never go wrong with a lively countryside setting.

Sweat It Out

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What’s a great way to let off some steam? Working out those muscles and going on a jog can help clear your mind about any worries you might have. Exercising is a great way of releasing “happy” hormones in the form of endorphins. Studies have shown that endorphins are known for helping mitigate the effects of depression while also improving cognitive functions.

Working out is also linked to having a good skin complexion. This means that you won’t have to worry too much about what you’ll place on your skin since you’ll have glowing skin in no time. You’re essentially killing multiple birds with one stone since you’ll feel less stressed, have a more toned body, and better complexion.

You don’t necessarily have to do heavy and hard-hitting workouts; as long as you can do 30 minutes of work out every day, you’re good to go. Working out should be a daily habit.

Get Some Zs

Last but not least, you shouldn’t burn the midnight oil and catch a good amount of sleep right before the wedding. Since it’s going to be your big day, you’ll need at least seven to nine hours of sleep every night. Your physical and mental fortitude should be in peak condition right before and during the wedding ceremony. If you’re not getting enough sleep, you’ll have problems with memory, mood and have accelerated aging on your skin.

It’s going to be your big day, and you’ll need to be prepared for it. You don’t have to worry too much about your wedding since people are already in motion to ensure that it goes swimmingly. It’s best to focus on something that you can change, which is yourself. After all, you want to give your partner the best experience of her life.

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