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Seven Things Men Are Vain About

Men are often vain about their looks, and this can be seen in many ways. They may spend hours getting ready for a date with someone. They may think they need to have the perfect body or that they need to make more money than another person to feel like they measure up. Men also put too much pressure on themselves when it comes down to being successful with women.

This article will explore seven things men are vain about and how you can get over these bad habits so that you don’t get hung up on what other people think of your appearance anymore.


They may spend hours making it look like they didn’t even try to fix it, or maybe take hours fixing it so that they can make sure every strand is in the right place. This is wrong for two main reasons: first, women don’t care how perfect your hair is, and second, if your hair is constantly perfectly styled then she might think that you don’t have time for her because you spend too much time on yourself.


A new breed of men called “metrosexuals” take care of their bodies, priming and grooming themselves more than any woman would. They are vain because they may spend hours every day trying to get the perfect body or being worried about being able to have a six-pack no matter how much weight they gain.

Going to the gym is not a bad thing. But if you spend more time looking in the mirror than you do to increase your strength or improve your cardiovascular health, it may be time to re-evaluate how you look at yourself.


A lot of men feel as if they need a bigger chest or a perfectly sculpted chest. This is wrong because it will take time away from other things that you could be doing. She will also think you are spending too much time obsessing over the way your body looks, which is unattractive to most women.

As long as you have a chest that is not covered in hair and doesn’t look like it will cave in on itself, most women will be happy with the way your chest looks.


They would rather spend hours every day trying to become taller than they already are than to enjoy anything else in life.

Most women are not even standing up straight when she is talking to you. So it will not really matter whether they are taller than you. Try focusing on other areas of your appearance that you can improve rather than this one because probably no woman will care enough to give it a second thought or look.

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You’ll find men at dental clinics for teeth cleaning and bleaching regularly. Also, some men will get expensive teeth implants and crowns to impress a woman.

This goes beyond dental hygiene and has more to do with having the perfect smile. Men are vain about their smiles, and they are not ashamed if people know about it.

Most women will not care about your smile or teeth as long as they look healthy and don’t make you look like a streetwalker. This is not something that needs to be focused on because it takes away from the time you could be spending with her, and this is one of those areas where she would never know if you were not obsessing over it.

Body odor

Some men take pride in not showering or bathing for days to make them look manly. Still, the woman they are with will think this indicates low hygiene and cleanliness because she knows that nobody could go days without taking a shower unless they had another underlying problem like a staph infection.

This will turn most women off because they will think that you are not taking care of yourself or that you don’t have enough money to afford hygiene products. So try not to avoid showering for days at a time and make sure that you carry around deodorant with you in case your body odor gets out of control.

Skin color

Most men will be caught in the sun for hours at a time trying to get that perfect tan or they are spending money on expensive lotions and creams that promise them that perfect color. Women prefer men with darker skin because it is more natural, but they do not like it when you look like a sunburnt lobster.

Most women prefer men to have a natural skin color because this is what they are used to. But if you go too overboard with the lotion and cream, it can be a problem for them.

Most men are vain about their appearance and looks when they should be more concerned about how they act and interact with the woman they are with. So if you find yourself wanting to change your body, skin color, or height for a woman’s sake, then try to remind yourself that it will not make a difference because she will only be thinking about these things for a split second before she focuses on how you interact with her.

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