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Man-to-Man Talk: Terminal Cancer and Prevention

For any man on the plane, it’s a given. Even with all the technology we have right now, some time or another we perish. You’re lucky to be alive at 100 years old. Today, the average lifespan of an American, in general, is about 78.6 years old. If you beyond that, you should rejoice. A lot of men in the Land of the Brave, however, won’t reach that age.

CDC data shows that while accidents are the leading cause of death for Americans aged 45 and below, cancer is the #1 cause of death for men between 45 and 85. Indeed, it’s a tough existence. Cancer is a slow death. Many of those with terminal cases can no longer live a full life and slowly fade away, just like a withered leaf.

It’s paramount, therefore that men prevent the clutches of cancer from latching on. Or face the harsh consequences. Luckily, it’s not really that hard. It’s just about being diligent.

What Happens When You Have Terminal Cancer

Imagine the emotion you’ll get if you’re given just a few months to live. The idea alone can be numbing. Know that terminal cancer is cancer that can’t be cured. Top of the list for men you have lung cancer and prostate cancer, to name a few. As such, you’re like carrying the whole world upon your shoulders.


It’s normal to feel mixed emotions, from fear to anger to feelings of loss, when you have but six months to live. It’s really hard not to break down. Usually, patients have two approaches after knowing their predicament. Some choose not to accept the terminal diagnosis and die seeking a cure. Others accept the inevitable and proceed to get their affairs in order. Of course, a second medical opinion is key.

Take note that you may still benefit from chemotherapy and radiation. At this point, however, it’s more life-extending than curative. Additionally, palliative care should help you cope and lessen the pain.

Getting into hospice care would be wise for you. Not only will you be attended by a care team, but a team of professionals will attend to your needs. This could include emotional health or spiritual healing. Moreover, a hospice registered nurse will be assigned to ensure you get the comfort you need wherever you may call home.

Again, know that hospice care is not intended to cure you; rather, it’s all about attending to the symptoms and easing your pain. In short, hospice care provides a smooth transition for you to the afterlife.

If you have terminal cancer, you should also have your affairs in order right away. This means ensuring you have your will updated. You would also need to check on your life insurance to make sure the beneficiaries are in order. And take time to inform them. It’s also good to mend fences. It would be best if you connected to people who once were close to you but have drifted away all these years. Most importantly, you need to do some time management. As your time is limited, prioritize what you’d like to achieve.

How to Prevent It

A good way to start is to nix all harmful toxins that are known triggers for cancer. The top of this list is tobacco. Smoking cigarettes is the top cause of lung cancer. To date, about 150,000 people succumb to lung cancer each year. Quitting smoking at any time of your life has immediate effects. It can lower your chances of getting cancer. Know that not only does smoking affect the lungs; it can also induce cancer in the throat, kidney cervix and more.

Another key prevention measure is exercising daily. To note, a study done by the University of Vermont showed fittest men were less likely to get lung cancer compared to less healthy males. Even those who have cancer benefited a lot from exercise. Resistance training and cardio help boost your immune system to ward off abnormal cells.

Additionally, it would be best if you watched your diet. For one, antioxidants and phytonutrients from fruits and vegetables can help ward off cancer’s destructive nature. It would be best if you maxed on them. Plus, you would have to limit munching on fried foods, whether fried chicken or fried fish. Studies show guys who make it a habit of eating fried foods week in week out are more likely to have prostate cancer.

Truly, you need to be conscientious when you want to prevent cancer from taking hold of your life. But it’s all worth it. When you’re fit and fab, you have more time for the things you want in life. And end on a high note.

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