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The Relationship Between Men and Their Hygiene

Plenty of studies and articles have been made regarding women and hygiene. Just go online and you will find a bounty of sources on how to take care of female hygiene. There’s even a study that talks about the hygiene hypothesis; it states that because women are too focused on hygiene, some become more prone to autoimmune diseases.

But whether women are too clean is a question for another day. The question we need to address at the moment is this: what is men’s relationship to hygiene, or, do they have a relationship with hygiene at all? 

Gender disparities in hygiene habits

Starting from the household, it is always women who are expected to take care of sanitation and hygiene. Rarely do men get involved, usually because society does not expect them to. However, the fight for equality does not stop at giving essential human rights; it must apply to domestic and daily living, too.

According to statistics, 81% of women consider hygiene as very important versus 72% of men who think otherwise. Moreover, studies reveal that more women than men change their underwear and clothes daily. Women are more likely to perform sanitary practices like keeping their mobile devices and living spaces clean.

Men agree with women, though, when it comes to washing hands after toilet use. This may be a reflection of a conclusion in an article posted by Harvard University. It states that dirtiness is perceived by everyone, both men and women.

In Harvard’s study, it is revealed that although men and women both know and perceive mess, women spend more time cleaning than men. The reason for this is prejudice.

Hygiene and societal pressure

Women feel more pressured to perform hygienic and sanitary measures because society puts them at a higher standard. According to the study, even if a man and a woman’s room have the same mess, women will more likely receive negative feedback than men. This explains women’s well as men’s behavior towards hygiene.

Without societal pressure for men to regularly observe hygienic and sanitary practices, men spend lesser time on cleanliness, whether it be regarding themselves, their home, or the environment. However, it does not mean that hygiene and sanitation must be neglected.

Without the pressure of society, it is up to a man, therefore, to observe personal hygiene for their own sake.

The Need for Hygiene

Whether you are a man or a woman, personal hygiene is essential. Staying clean protects people from illnesses and infections. Some illnesses caused by improper hygiene are bacterial infections, respiratory infections, and fungal infections.

Some illnesses caused by improper hygiene

An example of a bacterial infection is typhoid. One gets typhoid from consuming contaminated food and beverages. It can also be contracted through bacteria in toilets; not washing hands after using the toilet can be a cause of catching typhoid.

The athlete’s foot, on the other hand, is a fungal infection common among men. Men usually develop this infection because of the prolonged use of shoes and socks. A person with an athlete’s foot will feel itchy and may develop rashes in between toes.

Having Proper Hygiene

To maintain proper hygiene, there are products specifically made to help men. These products are used to maintain men’s oral, hair, and overall body hygiene.

Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene is not limited to brushing teeth. It also involves flossing and seeing a dentist at least twice a year. Ignoring these crucial steps may lead to complications; when this happens, one may not only need to see a dentist, he or she may also need to go through oral surgery.

Aside from protecting the mouth, oral hygiene is crucial to protect the entire body as well. Bacteria may enter through the mouth and when it happens, more health issues may arise.

Beard Hygiene

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Men with beards must have a special hygiene routine. Beards can also carry bacteria attracted by accumulated sweat, oil, and dirt. For this reason, constant beard trimming and cleaning are important.

To help in cleansing, one can use a beard wash or shampoo. One needs to wash the beard at least once every other day. This, however, still depends on the thickness and length of the beard. The thicker and longer it is, the more one needs to pay more attention to it. To give the beard softness, one can use a beard conditioner.

Overall Body Hygiene

Don’t skip the shower. Don’t do it too much though. A shower a day is enough; excessive showering may remove essential oils from the body. Showering is a way to keep the body fresh and clean; it also prevents one from developing body odor.

You owe it to yourself and other people.

Taking care of your personal hygiene not only protects you from diseases, but it also protects other people from diseases as well. Don’t be patient zero. Whether you are a man or a woman, you are a human who can contract germs and bacteria and can transmit them to other people.

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