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Why Men Need Yoga

Yoga is one of the oldest forms of exercise. In recent years, yoga is one of the most popular exercises around the world.

Despite the huge popularity of yoga, for some reason, men don’t participate in it very often. There’s a common misconception that yoga is a ladies-only exercise. According to studies, more women practice yoga than men.

In the modern world, yoga is often associated with women wearing spandex clothes while they stretch and tangle their arms and legs. This image may turn off men and make them stay away from this form of exercise. But yoga is genderless. And its benefits will help both men and women in achieving better health.

No Need for Fancy Clothes and Equipment

If you’re worried about having to wear tight clothes to do yoga, don’t worry. It’s not required. You can wear anything you feel comfortable in, as long as it allows you to be flexible. For example, you can use the workout clothes you already have. Just make sure that your top is a little loose so that you can freely move your upper body. But it shouldn’t be too loose that it rides up during the exercise. Not wearing a top works, too.

You also don’t need fancy equipment to start doing yoga. If you already have a workout mat at home, you can use that when you do yoga. If you don’t, the hard floor is perfectly fine.

The case may be different, though, if you have a carpeted floor. You’ll likely need to hire a house carpet cleaner to keep your floor clean so that it won’t be too slippery. This type of floor can also be helpful to you as a beginner since it gives you extra cushioning on your feet when you do standing poses or your back when you need to lay down. But eventually, you’ll have to purchase a yoga mat for a better experience and to reduce the risk of injury.

You can get started with yoga anytime you like. And here are its benefits to convince you more to give it a try:

Better Flexibility

Yoga can make you more flexible. Some poses that improve flexibility aren’t difficult and are considered basics, such as child’s pose, downward-facing dog, forward bend, and many more. Even if you’re just getting started, you’re likely to feel the improvement in your body if you do the basic poses regularly.

Flexibility is very important to your body. It improves your posture, thus eliminating upper body problems such as back pain. Flexibility also improves your muscle strength. So if you do other forms of exercises, such as high-intensity workouts, you’ll have better stamina.

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Improved Mobility

Another benefit of yoga to your physical health is better mobility. This is technically a compound effect of flexibility. By doing yoga poses, you improve your muscle strength and muscle coordination so that you can move freely. Improved mobility also lessens the risk of injury and muscular atrophy.

And as you grow old, this mobility will be the key to keeping your independence. So doing yoga is one way to secure your physical health in the future.

Reduced Stress

Yoga doesn’t just help your body; it helps your mind as well. For one, regular yoga practice can help you manage stress better. This effect is highly attributed to the meditation aspect of yoga. It helps you relax and be more mindful. In one study, individuals who went through a 10-week yoga intervention reported lower stress and anxiety.

Better Productivity

Yoga can help you improve your performance at school, work, or both because it promotes productivity. Meditation exercises in yoga promote mindfulness. It’ll allow you to improve your focus so that you can get more things done.

Also, since yoga helps in reducing stress, you’re less likely to feel burnout. You can develop mental resilience. And this can help you in different aspects of your profession, whether it’s handling clients, doing loads of paperwork, or something else.

Better Sleep

The pandemic disrupted people’s sleep routines. It can be quite stressful, which makes sleep elusive.

If you’re having trouble with sleep lately, yoga can help. One study found that 55% of people who practiced yoga regularly reported better sleep. Yoga allows you to manage your stress. It can also help ease your physical pain so you can sleep better.

Don’t be afraid to try yoga. If you’re shy about it, you can do it on your own first. And who knows? You just might end up loving yoga and adding it to your daily routine.

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