Must-Have Gadgets for the Weekend Workman

When there’s a project that needs to be made at home, it’s not always easy to determine whether to do it yourself (DIY) or hire someone else to do it. Although you should still leave complex projects like air conditioner duct cleaning and HVAC maintenance to professionals to ensure the best results, there are some tasks you can do on your own. From home decorating to making a simple bookshelf, these are tasks you can DIY — with the right tools.

Whether you’re building a new bookshelf or fixing a hole on the roof, here are some of the latest DIY gadgets to splurge on.

Inspection Camera

Digital heavy-duty inspection cameras are always an excellent gadget to have, especially if you often do home maintenance projects on your own. It helps you detect leaks, check drains, investigate awkward spots like crawl spaces or the chimney flue with ease.

Wall Scanner

wall scanner

Many DIY enthusiasts face a recurring issue when doing maintenance projects in their homes. That’s the structural conditions getting obscured from view, meaning you need to do a lot of guesswork unless you break down a wall — unless you have the right gadget on hand. Advanced wall scanners provide you with an overview of what lies behind your walls, allowing you to see potential issues without breaking down your wall. All you need to do is place the scanner in front of a wall, and it’ll give you the details of the structural condition of your home.

Dimensioning Pen

This device can give you fast measurements of any item or 3D references you can use for computer-aided design (CAD). It can capture most objects’ dimensions and convert and share the data to your computer or smartphone. It can save you from guesswork and the hassle of using conventional tape measures.

CNC Machines

A computer numerically controlled (CNC) machine is the ultimate tool every avid DIY enthusiast needs, especially when tackling more complex projects such as making cabinets or doing woodwork. This device can make accurate and repetitive wood and metal cuts, allowing you to make an array of objects at home.

Laser Taper Measuring Device

If you’re looking to measure something fast or more conveniently, whether it’s for new wallpapers or flooring, nothing beats using a laser taper measuring device. It gives you the exact measurements of anything or place you use it on. The gadget takes measures from its back, so you can hold it against a wall or sit on the floor, and it’ll provide you with the measurements immediately — no extra features, no fuss, just pure convenience and accurate measurements.

Automatic Screwdriver

Removing and putting screws can be a long and frustrating process, but this motion-sensor screwdriver can fix that for you. Thanks to its motion-sensing technology, screwing on things has never been easier. It can help with small projects around the house, such as hanging pictures or setting up Christmas lights. However, it isn’t ideal for heavy-duty work such as putting up furniture together.

Although conventional tools are still recommended for every dedicated DIY enthusiast’s toolbox, investing in the new gadgets mentioned can help make your weekend projects easier, convenient — and way cooler. Plus, you can also guarantee that each one will earn a forever spot in your toolbox, shed, and workshop.

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