Men’s Grooming Tools: The Five Basic Things You Need

The era where many thought grooming was only exclusive to women has passed. For modern and stylish men, grooming is an essential aspect of their life. Having the smartest suits or most expensive watches doesn’t mean anything if you’re not well-groomed. Just like a home, even if it has the best decorations, if you don’t have your ducts or roofs cleaned by professionals, none of it matters.

A groomed look is what men need, and that’s why you need to have a grooming kit equipped for all the prepping sessions — and here are the basic things you need to have.


An essential grooming item every man needs is the razor. In fact, 9 out of 10 boys and men older than 15 years old shave. It’s a rite of passage, from dads teaching their sons, and these boys emulate their fathers. However, choosing the type of razor you want to use is a personal thing. You can always use straight-edge razors, but electric razors are better as they’re easier to use, safer, and more sustainable. It lets you shave responsibly and efficiently.

Additionally, you can use electric razors whether your hair is wet or dry, keeping your skin hair- and bump-free.

Nail Clippers

Nail care is crucial to one’s health and appearance. Clean nails harbor fewer germs, leaving you less susceptible to issues such as hangnails or ingrown toenails. It’s best to look for clippers that perfectly fit the curve of your nails to let it cut your nail with one to two snips only, ensuring clean results. For toenail clippers, ensure it can make relatively straight cuts and should be sturdy enough to cut your big toenail without issues.

A Brush and Comb

Even if you don’t care much for your hair, you’ll need a brush and a comb to at least keep it under control. It’s notorious for being unruly, and it seems to worsen when you have an upcoming meeting or date. To avoid this, you’ll need to have a comb on hand for a quick fix-up, ensuring you have presentable hair at all times. If you have thick and curly hair, go for a comb with wider teeth. If not, go for a regular one.

Meanwhile, for your morning grooming session, it’s best to use a hairbrush. Natural-bristle brushes are the best as they can comb through your hair without yanking it out and lubricate it with the oils from your scalp.

Callus Remover

Men tend to have more calluses than women, and though you can remove it using skin shavers, it can be challenging and leave nasty marks on your skin. Instead, invest in a dedicated callus remover like a battery-charged foot file to clear off dead and dry patches of your skin safely and more efficiently.


Although deodorant doesn’t do much for your appearance, the difference it can make in your overall attractiveness is immeasurable. It lets you smell and feel good, giving you the confidence to go through the day. When buying deodorant, stay away from anything labeled ‘cool’ or ‘sports’ and go for milder options like unscented to let your natural fragrance shine.

The grooming products mentioned are guaranteed to improve your overall appearance, making your routines faster and more efficient — helping you feel and look cleaner, fresher, and sharper than ever before.

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