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Raining When Moving: Ways to Protect Your Belongings from Getting Wet During Your Move

After months of planning and packing, the day of your big move is finally here. But just when you think you’ve finally overcome the most stressful parts of this task, there’s a sudden, unexpected downpour on your big day. If postponing the move isn’t an option, how are you going to handle this, then?

Like with any other great things in life, you have to be prepared for everything. You don’t want that added stress on the day itself. Check the weather forecasts not just in your current address but also your destination, as this will help you do all the necessary packing.

It’s not just water that you have to protect your items from; moisture is another thing. So, here are some packing ideas from trusted moving companies in South Florida about how you can keep your personal belongings dry as you move to your new address:

1. Wrap everything in plastic.

If you only need to keep your items dry while transferring them from your door to the moving truck, then plastic moving wraps are your savior. Other options such as moving blankets will not do the trick, as they’re not waterproof or water-resistant.

Also known as stretch wraps, these items will help you make a barrier and protect your boxes and everything inside these from getting wet and damaged. Other items that may also work include tarps and plastic garbage bags.

Although these are not made specifically for this purpose, they’re still waterproof materials that can protect your stuff against the rain. Also, don’t forget to seal everything tightly, as this will ensure that moisture won’t seep into your items. Moisture can also cause damage to furniture pieces.

2. Wipe everything off with a cloth.

Pack your towels in a separate box, so you can easily take them out in case it rains on your big day. While your belongings are getting carried inside the moving truck, use your towels to wipe them off and keep them dry to remove any excess moisture.

Do this even if you’ve wrapped your items in plastic moving wraps, as this will also lessen any water-related damage to your items, especially the bulkier ones. As soon as your furniture gets loaded inside the truck, dry them immediately.

3. Strengthen all your cardboard boxes.

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You won’t be able to wipe off cardboard boxes, so toss any damaged ones you have. While you’re packing, see how durable and waterproof all your containers are. If there’s anything that might get bent or broken easily, double up the packing tape, especially around the corners, as this is where all the water and moisture might get in.

Also, if you don’t want any added weight on your boxes from using heavy-duty plastics, grocery and garbage bags are your more lightweight options. Again, secure everything with tape for more moisture protection.

Moving by itself is already a tedious process, so make sure you’re fully prepared in case anything goes awry. Inclement weather conditions are out of our control, so do your best to make sure all your valuable items are properly protected.

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