Six Most Beautiful Indoor Hotel Pools in the World

Guests look at rooms, dining options, services and the swimming pool when searching for a hotel to book in various countries. Guests who travel with children, in particular, want their kids to have a memorable and luxurious experience swimming and lounging, wherever they may be.

In Utah, they can enjoy either inground pools or aboveground ones in grand hotels and spas. Here are the best options for pool fanatics who travel the world.

Shangri-La Hotel, Paris

Experience the 5-star treatment when you check-in at the grand 101 room capacity at Shangri-La Hotel in Paris, France. This hotel is built on a former palace created by Napoleon for his beloved grandnephew.

With its amazing and exquisite restoration, the castle is now a boutique hotel where you can spend the evening and be treated to its one-of-a-kind mosaic-tiled indoor pool. It is regarded as one of the best indoor hotel pools in the world with its high ceilings, beautifully carved doors and gold leaf trimmings.

Greenwich Hotel, Japan

Another famous indoor hotel pool is that of the Greenwich Hotel in Japan. The pool sits on an over 200-year-old wood and bamboo Japanese farmhouse roof. The pool is very spacious and has an accompanying spa made and designed by renowned designer Mikio Shinagawa.

Four Seasons, Boston

The Four Seasons is a 5-star hotel that offers world-class service, an iconic restaurant, and over 200 rooms providing nothing but luxury. What draws many customers to this hotel is its 44-foot indoor pool, where you have a picturesque floor-to-ceiling window overlooking their public garden.

Langham Hotel, London

For a breath of English air and 5-star luxury treatment, check out the Langham Hotel in London. The place offers elegant common spaces, high tea and butler service. The luxurious indoor swimming pool embellished with a beautiful chandelier never fails to draw attention.

Viceroy, Miami

The Viceroy has one of the world’s best indoor hotel swimming pools. The place offers a water lounge for a quiet place of retreat. The indoor pool has a spa, shallow pools, whirlpools and some unique furniture. The floor-to-ceiling windows with an amazing view of the bay is very hard to miss.

Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong

girl posing by the pool at a hotel

There is nothing that can match the luxury offered by the Ritz Carlton in Hong Kong. It offers huge rooms with a grandiose touch, plush beds, gadget docks, your very own Nespresso coffeemakers, and a set of high-end toiletries.

It is housed in one of Hong Kong’s tallest buildings, which allows it to offer amazing city and sea views. It has a beautiful indoor pool embellished with a mural that lights up and comfortable pool loungers. If you are in Hong Kong, the best place to be is the Ritz-Carlton.

People are drawn to the ocean or swimming pools wherever in the world they may be because of water’s soothing and calming effect on the mind and body. If you find yourself in any one of these hotels, be sure to check out the pool and enjoy a refreshing dip.

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