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How to Reset Your Eating Habits

Changing your eating habits for the better is a decision you will never regret. The food you consume fuels you and solves a lot of problems you may be experiencing in your body. This is why doctors add and subtract from your diet whenever you’re diagnosed with certain conditions. Food can either alleviate or exacerbate your aches, and right now, you’re on the path to making sure that it achieves the former, not the latter.

The problem is this: resetting your eating habits is far from easy, especially if you’ve spent years snacking on fast food and drinking sweetened beverages. You may have already made several attempts, only to fail again and again, and now you’re not sure how to go forward.

Fortunately, there are five changes you can commit to that will set the tone for the rest of your journey.

Transform Your Kitchen

Never underestimate the role your kitchen plays in a healthy diet. As you already know, cooking your own food is a must if you take control of your daily consumption. That said, cooking is not as engaging and enjoyable when you don’t like your kitchen. This is why you must include your kitchen’s transformation in this journey.

Start by determining what aesthetic and functions suit you best. Perhaps more cabinets, kitchen utensils, and pops of color will compel you to cook more often. Maybe low-maintenance surfaces and equipment will lower the cost of keeping your kitchen clean and presentable. It doesn’t have to be grand or Insta-worthy.

For some, it could suffice to reface your cabinets or to get a kitchen countertop replacement. Your city has many vendors and contractors you can contact to make these changes for you. Whatever the case is, expect that owning a kitchen you actually like will positively impact your actions.

Make Healthy Snacks Accessible

A lot of people who want to reset their eating habits fall short when it comes to snacking. Just one burger, chocolate bar, or potato chip won’t make a big difference, right? There’s no harm in indulging in these treats once in a while. But three, four, or five times a week? Then what you have is another habit that needs addressing.

At the core of it, people reach for unhealthy snacks because they’re more accessible. The trick is to make the right snacks easier to reach whenever you start feeling those familiar hunger pangs. Carry around an apple, a bag of nuts, or a light sandwich with you that you prepared earlier that day. Keep a bottle of water nearby at all times, too, because often you think you’re hungry when you’re actually just thirsty. Commit to this, and you’ll see significant changes soon enough.

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Pack Your Lunch

The same principle applies to your lunch. It might feel alienating at first since not everyone in your workplace brings packed lunch to work. That, and you might miss out on socializing at your favorite restaurant. Sticking with this habit, though, is always worthwhile. You become more conscious of what you’re eating and the way you’re nourishing your body.

Furthermore, you also manage to save money. Whatever you may have spent in restaurants could be redirected to your grocery budget, which then gives you access to more fruits and vegetables.

Similar to transforming your kitchen, remember that the equipment you use for your packed meals is crucial. Look for sustainable lunch boxes with functions that are convenient for your lifestyle. Make sure to go for one that suits your taste in aesthetic, too, as that will make you less self-conscious when lunchtime comes and you have to bring out your packed meal.

Schedule Your Meals and Snacks

Are you the type to eat whenever you feel a tightness in your gut? Are you tired of the unpredictability of your hunger pangs? It might surprise you to know that you can train yourself to eat at certain times and anticipate these hunger pangs better.

If you time your snacks at 10 AM and 3 PM, for example, soon enough, your body will start to automatically feel hungry at those hours. Scheduling your meals and snacks makes you more in control of your eating habits and discourages you from taking unplanned treats.

Surround Yourself with Healthy People

The final and probably most important tip is to surround yourself with healthy people. If there are none in your existing social circles, join online groups or look for organizations where you’re likely to meet some. A healthy environment motivates you to become a healthy person in terms of your diet and otherwise. They will also serve as your support group whenever you struggle, and they can teach you ways to cope better. Likewise, you can serve as an inspiration to the people who are taking the same journey.

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