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Male Insecurities: Because Men Can Have Them, Too

Let’s be honest: everyone has insecurities, even for guys who appear to have it all figured out. While most men don’t say a word, they too have endured a punch to their ego for quite some time. But this isn’t a narrative about self-assurance. It’s about embracing these insecurities.   Here are some insights and solutions to your concerns:

What Causes Insecurity in Men?

Guys find it challenging to admit they feel insecure. This mindset comes from the belief that shortcomings are a sign of weakness. Social expectations dictate them to be a pillar of strength. So, showing emotions and being vulnerable is not part of their vocabulary.

But that belief is far from the truth. Men also feel anxious about the same issues women do. It’s only that most of them tend to face their worries in silence. So, what exactly causes insecurity in men?

Like women, men have to go through changes. But we won’t get into the details about when and how it happens. Instead, we’ll discuss the most common physical insecurities men struggle with.


Men define hair as their crowning glory. In that case, when their hairline starts to move down, so does their self-esteem. It’s another story when it comes to body and facial hair. Some guys may have too much, while others may lack it. According to experts, hair issues in men can lead to psychological effects. This concern comes from their fear of being the center of ridicule by their peers.

While the physical setback can be challenging, it’s all about emotional play. The first step to deal with your situation is acceptance. Hiding your hair problems isn’t doing anyone favors, especially for yourself. Besides, there are several ways that you can do to resolve hair problems.

Many guys go the extra mile when it comes to hair removal. On the other hand, some men find ways to improve their lack of facial hair. You can even regrow your hair or find hairstyles that work with your appearance.

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Men are also skin-conscious. Experiencing breakouts can have a significant impact on their confidence. Most of these issues start from puberty and often last for years. However, men tend to disregard the importance of getting professional help. Why do you think so? It’s because society tells them that getting treatments are too feminine.

But you know what is more important? It’s embracing the fact that everyone has their flaws. It won’t make you less of a man to use acne-safe makeup products to conceal your pimples during its healing. You can also consult with a dermatologist for in-depth support.

Body Image

Men also struggle with body image. As much as possible, wanting to avoid being too thin or too big in the eyes of a stranger. Aside from weight issues, height is also something we need to tackle. Guys can be self-conscious about their height, particularly when it comes to dating.

Yes, seeing a man with a fit and good-looking figure can be intimidating. But why be jealous if you can be that guy? All it takes is a little determination, and soon you’ll see improvements to your body. If it helps, women prefer men with a positive body attitude.

Oral Health

Believe it or not, men can feel self-conscious about their oral health. Aside from an unattractive smile and awkward teeth, bad breath is also a significant source of insecurity.

Trying to hide this issue is almost impossible. Not unless you don’t open your mouth or smile at all. If you’re worried about your oral condition, go to a dentist right away. Whether you have a gap between your teeth, an overbite, or a crooked tooth, getting professional help is essential. Maintaining a good dental habit also brings benefits in the long run.

Aside from the physical aspect, men have inner insecurities that are unique towards being a man. While these roadblocks may seem too much to handle, you can embrace them. But to do so, you must first learn to recognize when these insecurities arise.

And that’s the key to overcoming these insecurities -turning struggles into a learning opportunity. These are skills that we need to develop our mindset. It’s focusing on acceptance and trusting yourself with what you can do. In turn, you’ll see your path in a different light. These are the secrets to self-love and living your life to the fullest.

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