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Road Work Signs: Why They Still Matter

Working at the side of a road can be hazardous. While you are jack-hammering the concrete, there is a big chance an SUV will lose its grip of the slippery road and slam straight into you. This is why road work or construction signs are essential and should be used every time there is a construction on the road.

It is also important for you as a motorist to know the different road work signs so that you will know what to do in case you encounter one. So, without further ado, here are some of the road work signs you should know about:

Road Work ‘X’ FT

When you see a sign that says “Road Work ‘X’ FT” ahead, it means that construction workers are doing something on the road coming ahead but off the shoulder, so you’re supposed to slow down and avoid their work area.

Often they put up these signs because construction workers need to park their vehicles near their work area so there is a chance that they will occupy the road you’ll be passing through.

Left Shoulder Closed Ahead

When you see a sign with a message like the one above, it means that construction workers are doing something on the highway shoulder and it is imperative that you slow down and avoid them at all cost.

Construction workers put up these signs if the road work they are doing ahead resulted in paved shoulders of eight feet or more.

When the road is in this state, it is crucial that motorists be warned while they are a mile away from the construction site to give them enough time to avoid the site safely.

Left Lane Closed ‘X’ FT

This sign appears when a construction is underway in a multi-lane highway, and one of the lanes is closed. This means that construction workers are located in the closed path where they’re working on rebuilding the road. So best to stay away from that lane to let the construction workers do their job safely.

Road Closed ‘X’ FT

road sign closed

This sign appears when the whole road up ahead is closed due to construction. Often a ‘Detour’ sign will accompany this sign redirecting you to another route.

Only authorised personnel, such as construction workers and contractors, can enter this area.

Detour ‘X’ FT

If you see a ‘Road Closed’ sign up ahead, you will definitely see a detour sign to inform you where to go.

Most of the time, these signs will be placed 500 feet from the construction site to give you enough time and distance to reroute your vehicle and avoid the closed section.

One-Lane Road

This sign will appear if a construction site ahead bars traffic from passing through one lane and merges them with the opposite lane. Often the sign will inform the motorists how long the closed path is to give them an idea of how far they will have to share the other lane with other drivers.

These are just some of the road work signs people need to know about to keep their selves safe and the construction workers as well.

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