Self-care Habits You Should No Longer Second-guess in the New Normal

This generation strives to tear down all forms of prejudice and stereotyping. We are more open to calling out any derogatory conduct towards a person with their unique identifying traits when they have not done anything to harm anyone. Racial slurs toward a member of an ethnic minority or insults towards a specific gender for defying social norms exemplify this derogatory conduct. We have a long way to go before achieving an unbeatable level of social equity, and it’s evident that the struggle is real.

Moreover, this generation is comparatively more open to bearing their vulnerable sides to the world and discussing mind-boggling topics. Topics like the ubiquity of mental health issues do not affect only a particular demographic. Instead, it is very much likely to occur to anyone at some point in their lives.

With this relatively more significant openness to discuss topics that older generations always found inconvenient comes invaluable dimensions we can reveal in ourselves, some pleasant and some the opposite. As we unravel these untapped realms, the more we realize self-acceptance and the consequent manner we manage ourselves are things we were barely taught about in school. What is true is we are far from the end-game and, if we don’t want our confused ruminations to consume us, we have to balance out catering to ourselves and others through these reliable methods:

Create a Healthy Relationship With Yourself

Mass media is a force that significantly influences our self-perception. A single social media post can instantly puncture our ego and incite in our envy of others for how they look like that we are not, what they achieved that we haven’t, and everything they have that we don’t. The more we drown ourselves in this endless spiral of scrolling through our feeds, the more detached we are from our unique identity.

Given these sources of insecurities that endlessly surround us, loving oneself can only become a more challenging task. The oh-so-wrong notion that we can only project love to others only when we learn to love ourselves will constantly mess with our minds. It would be best to learn to see past these influences that push you to think that you are unworthy.

We are all flawed in different ways. In this world that glamorizes perfection, embrace your imperfections. You are a work-in-progress, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t just as worthy of caring for others and being cared for.

Process Your Emotions

doing yoga

You can tell from personal experience how your work or life, in general, took a turn for the worse when you deterred yourself from feeling the darkest of emotions and taking time for these to subside. By now, you should muster the courage to face your inner demons and intrusive thoughts, and only then can you make space for a sunnier life view. Seek help from mental health experts if you find it hard to process your emotions.

You’ll know you are already swamped with unkempt emotions when they have paralyzed your work. Decongest by meditating, journaling, or any way to pour out your soul. No matter what, do not push these feelings aside, or it’s going to be just a prolonged slump.

Take Care of Your Body

The pandemic was the ultimate test of how well we could balance both our physical and mental health. We had to keep ourselves from getting sick because of the big stakes like our finances and our family’s welfare at hand. On the other hand, we had to be as resilient as possible amid this large-scale crisis.
Times like this remind us how, empirically speaking, our mental state is linked with our physical health. That said, your body will fall ill if you’re mentally unwell and vice versa. When all else seems to be beyond your control, go back to the core, which is yourself. You can still be gentle with yourself when getting out of a depressive episode.

Taking care of your body should follow. You can function better if you feel good in your skin. So go ahead and book your spa day or schedule an appointment with a dentist. Get that pent-up tension in your muscles out, unclog those pores for clearer skin, and get your teeth back to their pearly-white state to flash your most heartfelt smile while also preventing respiratory, cardiac, and digestive issues linked to poor oral health.

Final Thoughts

Almost two years in this pandemic, events happening one after another reveal more and more how we cannot compare the problems of yesterday and those of today. That said, we all just have to brace ourselves for what else is to come. Moreover, having to care for ourselves is ever a pushing concern.

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