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Stop Playing The Lone Wolf Persona, It Doesn’t Work

If there’s one thing we often see in action films to blockbuster titles, it’s the recurring theme of a lone wolf persona, and whether it’s portrayed in an anti-hero character or the antagonists themselves, you’ll find that this archetype always gets celebrated one way or another. As a result, we’ve seen all sorts of variations and unique spins on the trope, with some learning the error in their ways, whereas others prove their individual might through sheer talent and skill.

However, despite their effectiveness in storytelling and driving development into all forms of media, most people often take the wrong idea and start to consider the likelihood of them mimicking the same behavior as well. And while voluntary solitude has its due merits depending on the situation, nine times out of ten, this just doesn’t work out for anyone because playing the lone world persona takes out the fun and excitement from a lot of experiences.

There’s A Lot More Fun To Be Had With More People

You see, even though it might sound cliche to bring up the argument that “no man is an island,” this passage still holds up well today, especially given the not-so-pleasant circumstances and the struggles we share. And because there’s a lot more you can do when connecting and socializing with people, it’s like your crippling any chances to create value and meaning before they even start. Plus, whether it’s eating out for dinner or watching some Netflix, these simple things are more enjoyable with company.

  • Sharing Experiences With Your Friends: Firstly, one thing you can’t deny is the fact that sharing experiences with your friends beats any activity you could possibly do alone. For example, while you can opt to go to the gym and finish a grueling leg day by yourself, suffering together with your friends and spotting each other during your workouts can make the most mundane feel more exciting than it should. And, in between your sets, you can share healthy diet secrets or exercise techniques to boost each other up.
  • Counting On Others During Your Lowest Moments: Besides sharing fun moments with your buddies, one thing you can’t do when sticking with a lone wolf persona is the opportunity of counting on others during your lowest moments. Look, no matter how talented and skillful we are, nobody’s a stranger to failure. And when you happen to hit rock bottom, it will feel extremely discouraging not having anyone you can rely on during those lows. However, when you have strong bonds with close friends, you’ll see a hand reach out to you the second bad times come.
  • Reduces The Stress Of Everyday Life: Lastly, whether it’s your casual work-day stress or something more serious, having someone you can confide in can help reduce the stress of everyday life. Sure, there’s nothing stopping you from self-healing and indulging in self-care; both of those practices are effective. But nothing compares to those moments when a buddy jokingly punches you in the gut, asks how you feel, and still proceeds to ramble on about The Eternals’ post-credit scene anyways to stop you from feeling stressed out.

However, Solitude Also Has Its Benefits

Likewise, despite the obvious disadvantages of keeping everything to yourself and mimicking the same lone wolf behavior in films, voluntary solitude in moderation also has its benefits when used correctly. Sometimes, we all just deserve a bit of me-time, and it helps to recharge our batteries to come out better not just as an individual but also as a friend to those we hold dear.

  • A Chance To Reflect And Understand: The daily hustle and bustle of life can get so hectic to the point wherein you’re unsure of what’s happening or what’s to come next. And even though you have friends around you to help with the workload and responsibilities, we shouldn’t forget that taking the chance to reflect by ourselves also has its benefits. You see, there are things we can only learn through recounting experiences in solitude, and sometimes drowning out the noise is the first step.
  • Concentrate On Self-Improvement First: In addition to self-reflection and tracing back your steps, solitude and being by yourself allows you to concentrate on self-improvement first and complete your adulting to-do list. In fact, you might’ve been so busy these past few months that your pantry is devoid of food for the winter, or you’ve backed up that tooth replacement appointment for way too long now. Therefore, you might want to use this opportunity to focus on yourself and see what needs fixing before you jump right back into the social world.

But You Should Never Turn Down The Chance To Work Together

work together

Overall, it’s still a lot better to have friends to joke around and work together with as opposed to doing everything by yourself. And while there are moments when you need to step away from the spotlight, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t come out of the curtains ever again. So, please stop running solo and embrace the fun there’s to be had because your buddies will appreciate it too!

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