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For Single Men: Guide to Preparing for Dating in 2021

According to an ongoing tracker from Morning Consult, as of October 16 this year, 56 percent of adults feel comfortable to date. When classified by gender, though, men feel more comfortable to date at 63 percent compared to women at 51 percent. More than half or 58 percent of respondents feel comfortable socializing with other people in public, but 53 percent wear a mask always. This indicates health cautiousness along with the eagerness to socialize and date again.

Have Vaccine, Will Date

Health safety has indeed become a major concern in dating. NPR reports that in May this year, popular dating apps such as Tinder, Bumble, Match, BLK, OKCupid, Plenty of Fish, Chispa, Badoo, and Hinge announced that vaccination status would be added to their features in various ways.

The most popular U.S. dating app, Tinder, has since then added badges for vaccinated users. It also set up an online vaccine center to direct users to the nearest vaccination sites. BLK and Match now also offer those badges, and they both boost vaccinated users to appear higher in searches. These features are meant to make it easier for over 50 million American dating app users to find people who have been vaccinated against the coronavirus. OKCupid’s research found that 14 percent more matches are found by people who have been vaccinated or plan to get a vaccine compared to others.

It has become the norm for people to be more transparent about their health and their opinions on health issues. Bumble progressed from offering vaccinated badges to having a center where users indicate their Covid-19-related preferences. Bumble’s The Beehive reports that having a conversation about their views on Covid-19 helped 84 percent of users get to know their match more. Because of that, 85 percent felt that it was safer to meet up.

Getting fully vaccinated is, therefore, one of the most important preparations for rejoining the dating scene in 2021. It protects you fully, makes you a more attractive match, and fully protects your date. The assumption, of course, is that you will also choose a fully vaccinated date.

Preparing for More

While many fully vaccinated people still wear masks in public places, the masks can come off in private spaces when everyone is fully vaccinated. Without that hindrance, it is best to come prepared for in-person dates.

A man’s warm and engaging smile can be very attractive. Ensure that you have the best smile by taking care of your teeth. Use teeth whiteners to get rid of discoloration if you are a regular coffee drinker. Get professional help to use Invisalign clear aligners if your teeth need some straightening. Unlike braces, these will not make you look like an adolescent.

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Your overgrown pandemic hair must go. The barbershops are now open so you can get a stylish haircut that complements your face shape. Get a good shave if you need it and a bracing facial massage to brighten up your skin.

If the many months at home have made you sluggish, it is time to restart an exercise regimen to increase your energy. It will also help you lose any extra pounds, making you look even better.

Come Emotionally Prepared

The Drum states that across dating apps, users are now looking for a deeper and more serious connection. They are more careful in choosing a date based on their core values. Among Bumble users, over half do not want to compromise on their wants and needs from a possible relationship. Nearly 30 percent stated that conversations have become more honest regarding what people are seeking in a relationship.

On Hinge, 75 percent of users stated that they want a relationship and not a fling. On OkCupid, 80 percent of users stated that they are seeking a stable partner to be with them even after the pandemic.

Bumble highlights that dating during the pandemic has evolved to slow dating. People want to have a lot of long and meaningful conversations to find out if they are compatible beyond the surface. This means a willingness to be more open and vulnerable.

The pandemic is a very difficult time for everyone, and it has exposed each person’s most basic needs in a crisis. This is a good place to start looking for a partner because you will both want to find out first if you are right for each other in the worst of times. Dating in the time of the coronavirus is not just about having a fun time with someone. It means learning if you can both face the challenges of life together and, yes, still have fun while navigating these challenges together.

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