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Summer Health: How Older Adult Males Can Stay Healthy amid COVID-19

In a nutshell, staying healthy means regular exercise, a balanced diet, and ample sleep. These behaviours, along with taking care of your mental well-being, are extremely crucial, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic. But, with social distancing regulations muddling with our everyday lives, following healthy habits seems much more complicated.

As the northern hemisphere struggles with an increase of coronavirus infection reports as the weather becomes colder, Australia, along with most southern hemisphere countries, have survived their winter with either a low record of the virus infection or none at all. Nonetheless, with summer months approaching, people still have to be vigilant to prevent any surge.

According to health professionals, the risk of virus and disease infection is far greater for older adults. They are more likely to catch the coronavirus as they do not have a stronger immune system, and most often, they have underlying medical conditions. Furthermore, they face more challenges in terms of mobility and isolation amid social distancing regulations.

Older Adult Men Have Higher Risk of COVID-19 Infection

The likelihood of one getting infected by the coronavirus increases with age. Individuals in their 50s are more prone to catching severe illness than those in their 40s. Similarly, those in their 60s and 70s are even facing greater health risks than those in their 50s.

In the US, the Center for Disease and Control Prevention reported that 8 out of 10 COVID-19 related deaths involved adults ageing 65 and older. New data also suggest that gender is also a strong risk factor. The research suggested that men are twice more likely to die from COVID-19 than women.

The difference between the male and female immune system response would explain why. Accordingly, the female immune system could detect pathogens early on as compared to the male immune system. Older men with underlying medical conditions are all the more vulnerable to catching the virus.

Considering these facts, older adult males should pay more attention to their health and well-being to avoid getting infected by the coronavirus. And as summer approaches in the southern hemisphere, with people spending more time outdoors, take note of these following health tips.

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How to Stay Healthy During Summer Season


When there is a crisis such as this, most people think stocking up on canned, dried, and frozen goods would be a good idea. But that is not a wise choice. People, particularly older adults, should instead stock up on fruits, vegetables, and other healthy products.

Our body needs the right nourishment, especially during these trying times. And as people are more prone to unhealthy coping mechanisms when stressed, we should help ourselves decrease the risks of getting sick right now.


Most gyms, fitness studios, and other health centres are indefinitely closed right now to mitigate the risk of spreading the disease. However, it does not mean that you cannot stay fit when these establishments shut down anymore.

Find time to go out for a regular walk or jog while keeping a safe distance. You can also opt for a home workout, utilising workout, yoga, and other fitness videos for free on websites like YouTube. Even home gardening and deep home cleaning could help you stay physically active during this pandemic.

Stress and Sleep Management

Stress management and getting enough hours of sleep is crucial during these times. A lot of people are anxious because it has already been months since the initial lockdown, and there is still no definite cure for the coronavirus disease.

One can manage stress and anxiety through meditation and relaxation techniques. You can do it anywhere in your house, even with a small space. You could check out free videos to guide you in these therapy sessions.


Apart from taking care of ourselves, we should also give time to clean our surroundings. Although medical experts agree that surface contamination is not the primary way to spread the virus, it would not hurt to do extra cleaning of surfaces frequently touched by people. These include doorknobs, faucets, and railings.

When returning home from a trip outside, remember to take off your shoes and coats before heading in. Immediately put your clothes in the washer and take a quick shower as well. These things may seem like a hassle, but it is better safe rather than sorry. We do not want high-risk members of our household to suffering.


Older adults with special needs are not only prone to catching the disease but are also more likely to experience discomfort during these times. They have difficulty getting medical access or simply just moving around, especially if they live independently.

Helping an ageing parent or relative feel comfortable right now is extremely important. If they have difficulty getting around the house, consider investing in furniture that would assist them with their needs, such as aged care tables and chairs.

By taking note of these helpful ideas, you and your family will enjoy a great southern hemisphere summer while staying safe and healthy.

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